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So, a quick Google search tells me that Mr. Davis has been in show business / music for over 45 years, and he was born in England, grew up in Canada and had a successful career as a lounge act, and you know, he just looks like the type of guy you’d want to be friends with. Now, this album, which is self-titled but also alternatively titled (and covered) as “For My Friends” in 1977 on the Arrow Records label.

The album begins with the track “Jody” which was written by Rhett. So, he definitely has that lounge singer vibe but he’s pretty good so far. It’s one of those songs that kinda makes you want to dance, though is the chorus supposed to sound yodel-like? Decent this far. We continue on with a cover of Roy Orbison’s “Crying” and let’s listen to how this goes, besides k.d. lang it’s the second cover, and you know, it’s actually pretty good. Rhett is good at this one. He doesn’t quite hit the high notes like k.d. or the Big O, but I’ll still say it’s a good cover version. Next up is another Rhett original, “Long Legged Woman” and the opening guitar / horn combo is nice, gives it kind of a funky sound. A good song overall. Then we go onto “I Don’t Love Her Anymore” and it is another Rhett original, and it’s a slower tempo’d song, nice and relaxing. Rhett does have a really nice voice. The chorus is pretty nice, Rhett is a really talented guy so far singing from the heart. “Fireplaces and Brandy” continues this down tempo pace we got going on, but now with a bit of a country vibe to it. According to the liner notes, Rhett sings “love we hope for” in this track as well as “Meet Me in Atlanta” but apparently this song is also about lost love, I’m not hearing it though. “Meet Me in Atlanta” ends the A-Side, and it kind of gives me that Partridge Family vibe with the guitar playing and lyrics, I like it. Generally speaking it’s a bit of a repetitive track, but it’s alright. Same guitar riff, drums and chorus.

The B-Side opens the country sounding, John Denver-esque titled “I am the Eagle” and it’s not bad, it’s a nice relaxing country story song, about a fox… being hunted by an eagle (?) but the eagle isn’t hunting the fox, but wants to show the fox the valley and the mountains, and become friends, according to the liners again, this song is about personal freedom. I can vibe with that. Oh, they fell in love. The fox and the eagle. (Spoiler Alert) Rhett is pretty great really, I’m digging this album very much so. Next up comes another Rhett classic, “You Scared the Love Right Out of Me” and we’re back down tempo, slower song, but still Rhett has us hooked in by this point, and a slower, relaxed track with that 70’s pop Partridge vibe just feels good to listen to. We continue with Rhett doing his rendition of “MacArthur Park” – and well, I know I’ve heard this before, but it’s not at Rhett’s fault but this song is kind of boring, but also it is a pretty big, Grammy winning song. So, Rhett’s delivery is good though, and is this song really about a cake? Reading up on it, Donna Summer also covered it too. I don’t recall her singing it when I saw her in concert. Oh, oh, oh, what is this? The song has picked up! It is upbeat, faster and Rhett just gives it his all! This is fantastic! Yes Rhett, yes! We end with “I’ll Help You Fall in Love Tonight” and you know, at this point Rhett has given us an album that would stick with most, it left me feeling entertained and just relaxed, this song, could use a bit of a pick up like the last did, but all in all, Rhett, this album has been enjoyed.

Catalog Number:

Keyboards – David Briggs & John Harris
Bass – Mike Leech & Rob Parsons
Guitar – Jimmy Colvard, Troy Seals, Jerry Shook, Rhett Davis & Grady Martin
Larrie Londin & Jerry Carrigan – Drums
Steel Guitar – Weldon Myrick & Stu Basore
Horn Arrangements – John Komrada
Strings & Vocals – Marcie Cates & Margie Cates
Engineer & Mixer – Steve Ham & Gene Eichelberger
Recorded at Quadrophonic Sound Studios
Art Direction – Eric Wrobbel


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