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The Sleeve:
105_5002   RichardMillerJesusUseMe

The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
RICHARD MILLER was born November 28, 1942 without arms and legs. His Dad was a lumber-truck drive in those war times. Richard grew up in small North Texas towns, attending public schools through graduation from high school in 1959 at Royse City, Texas (35 miles northeast of Dallas). Completing high school at the age of 16 because of two double-promotions, Richard and his family moved to Austin, Texas, where he enrolled at the University of Texas.  
 His parents being of modest means, it was a financial struggle for Richard to attend college; but he graduated from the University in June of 1966, receiving a Business Administration degree. His college years included training in Law School and traveling in gospel singing for two years. Since graduation, Richard is traveling full-time in this ministry. He has had no musical or voice training, being able to play the instruments only with God’s help and blessing. Richard has been playing the guitar for 14 years and the organ for less than three years, at the time of this album. Songs number 3 and 10 on this album are instrumentals played by Richard.  
 He also drives his own car, swims, feeds and shaves himself, etc. Being able to do these things with God’s help, Richard is not considered handicapped “enough” by the federal government to be eligible for any type of financial aid. He receives no income whatsoever to help him through life other than through sales of this album, sheet music, his Life-Story Book, and his personal appearances.  
 Richard would like to express his appreciation to the Dixie Echoes and Hal Kennedy for working with him on this album. The group’s manager, Mr. J. G. Whitfield, has used Richard on many concerts he promotes throughout the country. Speaking in behalf of Richard and the quartet, thank you for purchasing this album, and we hope the songs will be a real blessing and much entertainment to you.

Personal Review:  
 Well, what can I say? It’s Richard Miller. It’s one of those albums where you either like it or you don’t. I, for one, personally enjoy the record, I first heard the record through iTunes. Then, I came across it a couple times on eBay before finally snatching a copy up from BlackGemRecords for a reasonable $75 (plus shipping and handling – my copy of ‘Jesus Use Me‘ came from eBay for $100.). Anyways, onto the album.

 So, the album begins with “The Fire Came Down” – which has some pretty cool guitar playing at the beginning, then the piano playing and Richard Miller singing begins, and Richard proves instantly he was a born singer. The song is so great. I wonder if Richard is playing the guitar? Then after that comes the song “I’ll Fly Away” which is an instrumental by Richard, and it’s cool because Richard was born without arms or hands – it’s a really cool song. Then comes the titular track, “Jesus, Use Me” and it’s pretty cool, I love the Dixie Echoes on the backing vocals, especially the baritone guy. Why is this so amazing? After that comes “Shelter of His Arms” the Dixie Echoes do the opening, then Richard joins in and it’s a pretty great track. Like, this is some pretty good relaxing music. I love it. Then comes the track “Without Him” and it’s mainly the Dixie Echoes, and various ones have their own individual solos, before Richard begins to say a prayer, after he finishes that he goes on to sing a bit, with the Dixie Echoes. The A-Side concludes itself with “I Wouldn’t Trade” and that to me sounds like an incomplete title, but the musicianship – especially that piano playing is amazing, then Richard sings amazingly, and it’s great. There is one guy who really belts out some tunes.

 I Know the Lord Will Make a Way for Me” starts the B-Side, and what a perfect way to open the B-Side, I love the slow, soft steel guitar playing and the baritone vocalist in the Dixie Echoes just rocks it, I should get some Dixie Echoes records. “Until You’ve Known the Love of God” comes next, and I don’t understand the whole mansion thing still. but hey Richard is a fantastic vocalist! This song is pretty great. “When I Come to the End of the Road” comes next, and some of these song titles are long. Richard sings from the heart, he should’ve released an album by that title, it’d be great. Then comes the song “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” comes next, and this one is an organ instrumental, with some minor guitar playing, I know this is Richard on the organ, and he’s great. Then comes the single, “Jesus is On My Side” – and I can understand why this song was a single, but I think the opening track should be the single of this album. Then the album ends with the song “I Want to Be Ready” and the Dixie Echoes open this track, and then Richard comes in, and just blows it away with his amazing vocals. It’s a great way to end such a great album.

Track Listing:
A1 – The Fire Came Down
A2 – I’ll Fly Away
A3 – Jesus Use Me
A4 – Shelter of His Arms
A5 – Without Him
A6 – I Wouldn’t Trade

B1 – I Know the Lord Will Make A Way for Me
B2 – Until You’ve Known the Love of God
B3 – When I Come to the End of the Road
B4 – What a Friend We Have in Jesus
B5 – Jesus is On My Side
B6 – I Want to Be Ready to Meet Him

Songs of Faith

Catalog Number:
SOF 146

Studio Musicians and other Album Credits:
None listed. Though, he did have the Dixie Echoes help him.

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