Robert David – “Robert David”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 I don’t got much to say about this album, I’m pretty sure Robert David is Canadian…?
 The album opens with “Close to Me” and Robert is a softer voiced man, you wouldn’t expect this from the cover of this album. The song is alright, nothing overly special, Robert does have a good singing voice. After that comes “Places Where We Played” which opens with some mandolin playing before Robert begins to sing. The song is okay, I do like when Robert begins to sing the chorus, but outside of that, it’s nothing too special. “Manitoba Sun” follows up next, and compared to all the other songs I’ve heard on this album so far, this one seems to be the best one. “Countrytown Boy” follows next, it’s another okay song, the choruses on most of the songs seem to be the best parts of each song. “If I Could Love You” ends the A-Side, and it’s a nice ending track to the A-Side, Robert is a good singer.

 Lazy Day” opens the B-Side, and finally a song I can really jam to! He needs to let out his inner rocker more! Robert David is not bad at singing or any of this, he just needs to let out the rock more. “Liza” comes next and we go back to the slower, quieter folk music, and I’m not opposed to folk music, nor country, I love both of them equally, but this just ain’t my type of music here. It’s a shame, because Robert is actually super talented. “Misty Road” follows up next, and once more Robert begins to let out his inner rocker, and the song gets really good, but after that comes “Morning At Hancock” which is only 57 seconds long, and it’s slow, quiet – but Robert does have good vocals. The album ends with “White Oak” and it’s a pretty good track, the chorus once more seems to be the best part of this song too.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Close to Me
A2 – Places Where We Played
A3 – Manitoba Sun
A4 – Countrytown Boy
A5 – If I Could Love You

B1 – Lazy Day
B2 – Liza
B3 – Misty Road
B4 – Morning At Hancock
B5 – White Oak

RCA Victor

Catalog Number:
LSP 4859

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Produced & Arranged by John Lombardo
Master Recording Engineer – George Semkiw
All Songs Composed by Robert David
Drums & Percussion – Barry Keane
Piano, Organ & Synthesizer – John Lombardo
Acoustic Guitar – Josh Onderisin
Guitar – Mike Bacon
Bass – John Stockfish
Special Thanks to George Semkiw, Gerry Lester, Zeke Sheppard, Howie Wiseman, Mark Smith, Jan Guenther, Al Brisoe & Vicki Walters
Background Voices – Timothy Eaton, Cecelle Frenette, John Lombardo & Robert David
Assistant Engineers – Alex Downie, Hayward Parrott, Alan Moy & Cub Richardson
Maintenance – Steve Haselton
Concept Cover – Christianne

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  • Peter says:

    I wrote about “Manitoba Sun” on my old blog Corduroy Mountain. Found it to be the most compelling song on the album, just as you did. Thanks for posting the artwork and liner note information. Glad to see it made available for research purposes.

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