Robert Lee Kolb – “Take Off Your Clothes”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 all the living, laughing, loving souls who have seen or heard me play over the past few years, and to any person or persons who ever dreamed and had a dream come true….

Personal Review:
 So, this is another one of those highly sought after records by a lot of people, and it goes for large amounts of money in auctions on eBay and such. I, however, got my copy for extremely cheap – and hey, it’s signed.

 The album opens with the song “Let’s Try to Do Something New” and the guitar playing is pretty good, I’m liking it. Kolb has a pretty neat voice, the song itself is different, it kind of keeps changing tempos and styles as it continues on. After that comes the track “Kiss Me” which seems to take a different turn from the first track, and it begins to go down a more bluesy sound. It was definitely a different type of track. “Travelin’ Woman” comes next, and we’re back onto that folk sound, and hey, it’s good! I like this, it’s softer, but listenable. It’s definitely the best track this far. Up next comes “Demon From An Ocean” and hey, it’s another pretty decent track, the first two weren’t that good, but the album seems to be progressing, and that drumming is pretty nice. Yup, this one is my favorite track so far, everything about this one is great. The A-Side ends with the song “Stoned Again” and it’s filled with nice piano playing, and the vocals are pretty nice too.

 The B-Side opens with the title track, “Take Off Your Clothes” and it’s not all that impressive, really repetitive, and stuff. Not quite good. After comes “Gypsy” and well, its different again, this album isn’t overly impressive to me, I do got to say the musicianship is pretty great though. But that’s about it. “I Like the Drums” comes next, and the opening is nothing short of impressive with all that musicianship and sounding like a sci-fi movie opening, after that though the song is pretty dull and boring. The album ends with the song “There’s a Better Way” and it goes back to that folky sound, so hey! That’s a plus, other than that, the album is pretty average.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Let’s Try To Do Something New
A2 – Kiss Me
A3 – Travelin’ Woman
A4 – Demon From An Ocean
A5 – Stoned Again

B1 – Take Off Your Clothes
B2 – Gypsy
B3 – I Like The Drums
B4 – There’s A Better Way

Thank Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Backing Vocals, Flute & Mandolin – Tony Vinsey
Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals & Backing Vocals – Chip Wells
Co-producers – Doug Brooks, Eric Beagle & Ginni Nickell
Drums – Dave Duncan
Engineers – Bob Sullivan, Bobby Dennis, Gordo & Tom Caccetta
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitars, Piano, Organ, Harmonica & Vocals – Robert Lee Kolb
Mastered By – HC
Photography By – Robert Palms
Piano, String Ensemble & Synthesizer – Daymon “Mad-Dog” Seals
Producer – Brent Hranicky & Diane Hranicky
Written By Dan Shepherd & Robert Lee Kolb

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