The Beatles – “The Beatles’ Christmas Album”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 I’ve heard a lot about this album, one that it is awful, and two that is valued at about $400 – $800. I don’t really like the Beatles enough to find out if it really is worth that much. Now, these are like radio selections from Certain years or something along those lines, not quite sure.

 So, the album opens with the year “1963” and I’m not really sure what I am listening, and then John comes in starts to talk. I’m not big on John, as everyone knows. He’s so full of himself. Then Paul begins to talk, and well, he basically says what John says. Then comes Ringo and well Ringo gets cut-off. Where is George? Oh, there he is. This is really bad. At least they sound like they are having fun. After that comes the year “1964” which opens with some piano playing, and kazoo playing. Then we go into Paul talking this time, and well, listening to the Beatles talking about their career is kind of cringe-worthy at how full of themselves they are. John sounds drunk. Wouldn’t be surprised. Then George comes in, and he begins talking about one of their films. Ringo comes around, and he is so subtle about everything, he just thanks the fans. We then continue onto “1965” which starts with them singing “Yesterday” and then they go onto about how they are grateful for all their gifts. Then they go to singing, but they keep singing in really bad accents, and it’s supposed to be funny, but it’s not. They then go onto sing “Auld Lang Syne” and well, it’s pretty bad. Then they sing some song that is about Christmas but sounds to be in the tune of “Yesterday” and yea, it’s bad. It keeps getting repeated. The A-Side ends with “1966” which is actually a story, and it’s really hard to follow. I’m really questioning why this was even pressed at this point.

The B-Side opens with “1967” and that begins with the song “Christmas Time is Here Again” and well, at least it’s an actual Christmas song this time, though I’m not sure it’ll save this record. The song never finishes as there is a stupid spoken intro, and it seems to be one of the Monty Python style sketch comedy records. Then comes “1968” and I’m really disappointed in this record, but then again I didn’t really expect much from the Beatles on a Christmas album, as I don’t remember them doing many Christmas albums. It’s rather disappointing. This is absolutely awful. They go on to talk about John and Yoko. Anyways, the album ends with “1969” and once more just more talking less music, very dull and boring. Even Yoko is on it. Ugh.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – 1963
A2 – 1964
A3 – 1965
A4 – 1966

B1 – 1967
B2 – 1968
B3 – 1969

Apple Records

Catalog Number:
SBC 100

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Photo Creations – Robert Bauman
Album Design – GROK IT!

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