The Germs – “Forming / Sex Boy (Live)”

The Sleeve:
GermsSexBoyFormingFront   GermsSexBoyFormingBack
GermsSexBoyFormingASide GermsSexBoyFormingBSide

The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
First of the hard-core L.A. groups to come up with a single, the Germs have recorded (I think that’s the word) one of the most mind-boggling songs I’ve ever heard. They take monotony to new heights and push the absurdity factor further than almost any other group. The song is supposedly their “political” stance, and it does talk about presidents, queens, czars, and emperors but the choice is not clear. It is totally crazed music, totally obscure but inexplicably brilliant.
 Bobby “who gives a shit!” Pyn is perfecct as he drones thru the incomprehensible lyrics, absolutely refusing to inflict any kind of feeling to his words except an overall contempt for the whole performing process, and the other three Martians plowing thru their two chord changes on the other speaker (that’s what they think of stereo!) will make all the “minimal” theorists sick with admiration. This vinyl “thing” s some kind of ultimate breakthrough, and not many will want to follow.
 Other side (yet unnamed when we got the record) is beyond music. It’s some kind of party time tape with the mike stuck under the bed and the gang getting ripped in some other room. Should make the avant garde art world buzz for awhile.
 The chorus of “Forming” can’t seem to leave my brain alone, so I’ll share the pain with you: “Rip them down / Hold me up / Tell them that / I’m your gun / Pull my trigger / I am bigger than…” May not seem that much, but wait ’til you hear it.
 Kickboy Face

Personal Review:
So, the A-Side is the famous Germs track, “Forming” – and well, basically, the Germs first single. This was before they knew how to play, and most likely before Darby was doing the big H. Heck, he was still Bobby Pyn and blonde! (I actually recorded a cover this song once.) Anyways, the song is like super political and stuff, but Darby kind of just drones the lyrics like he just doesn’t care about anyone or anything.
The B-Side is “Sexboy” from the Germs very first live show, you can literally hear the crowd booing, Darby breaking stuff and just ultimately singing off-key. Darby is wonderful, he was once said to be the “Jim Morrison of the 70’s punk generation” – he’s raw, political and just doesn’t care. He’s amazing. We need Darby now!
In the end, the crowd cheers, Darby drops the mic in peanut butter.

Interesting Facts:


Track Listing:
A – Forming

B – Sexboy (Live)

Iloki Records

Catalog Number:
ISLO 101

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:

Other Albums I Own by The Germs:
(GI) Manimal / Dragon Lady / Strange Notes
Germicide: Live at the Whiskey
The Whiskey / Hong Kong Cafe ’78 – ’79

1990 (though, originally released in 1977)

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