Larry Adams – “The Suns Coming Up”

Larry Adams of Gilbertown, AL, was just 28 years old when he recorded this album on the Echo Sound label, his story goes that he was stricken with Polio at age 9, and miraculously overcame his sickness, and part of his recovery was learning how to play the Harmonica. This album serves as his testimony to his faith in the Lord.

The album opens with a vocal track by Larry titled, “The Suns Coming Up” which is sung greatly, they’re then followed by three instrumentals, “A House of Gold“, “Because He Lives” and “There is a River” – which are all complimented by the combination of the Shelnut’s, with Derrell Stewart, Randy Allred and John Noski. We end the A-Side with another vocal track, titled “He Was There All the Time” and you can really hear the sincerity in Larry’s vocals.

The B-Side opens with two instrumentals, “They Baptized Jesse Taylor” and “Let Me Be There” which are then followed by another vocal track, titled “Take Me to Jesus” – which once more is sung with such heart by Larry, before he continues on with two more instrumental harmonica tracks, titled “Must I Go Empty Handed” and “Crying Holy to the Lord” – the harmonica tracks are pretty special because of his Polio diagnosis which left Larry with two nearly collapsed lungs.

I had spent 13 years searching and scouring the internet for this particular album, as I’ve always wanted to hear it and today I have (with a special thanks to my friend, ThriftStoreVinyl for sending me the eBay auction). I feel so blessed to be able to hear Larry’s song and testimony on his album, and would really like to know where Larry went after this album.

Catalog Number:

Studio – Echo Sound
Piano – Derrell Stewart
Steel & Lead – Randy Shelnut
Rhythm – John Noski
Drums – Andrew Shelnut
Bass – Randy Allred

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  • Laura Munson says:

    Larry passed away five years after this album was released at the age of 33. No obit found through Google, Find-A-Grave or Newspapers. Still lived in Gilbertown. Just a guess, but I’m thinking that he passed away due to complications from his condition. He was the youngest of five siblings (their dad lived to be 97 1/2 & outlived 4 of his 5 kids). Epitaph says, “Weep not, father & mother/For me, for I am waiting/In glory for thee.”

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