Ben the Singing Dog – “This is My Life”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 Dear Ben-friends.
 I would like you to know how my whole life revolves around ‘Ben’ my singing-dog pet. I love him so very much, and he returns this love to me in an unique way. When we were appearing on the Max Bygraves’ programmes, a professional animal trainer for Television was amazed at my dog’s obedience, and remarked to me: ‘Ben’ must have a great affection for you, to perform in the way he does.”
 Yes, he is a wonderful dog, and has never let me down; in fact, he is a real trouper. Of course, Ben is a very intelligent dog, and we have lots of laughs at some of the things he does on and off the stage. Being a celebrity himself, he has met many famous people in the profession. Recently we were invited to visit the home of Henry Sacombe where he sang for his family and particularly for his youngest daughter Katie, who was delighted with him, and even gave him some of her dinner.
 ‘Ben’ has given a great deal of pleasure to thousands of people and, for this reason alone, I would like his record to be a great success.
 O Wow! cyn di-Ben-nnu, yr wyf am anfon cyfar(th)chion i blant Cymru.

Personal Review:
 He’s Ben. He’s a dog. He sings.

 The A-Side is “This is My Life“, the title track on this single… So, here we go. And basically, it’s a dog howling over so opera music. Then there is some talking, explaining what the howling was, then apparently Ben is gonna howl along to the song “The Wonder of You” and this is pretty bad. Then the woman goes on to talk about who Ben is now. I’m honestly very confused by this whole record, you have this woman who sings, and just lets her dog howl and whine along with her, cute yes, but awful also.

 The B-Side also titled “This is My Life” and once more, Beryl, goes on to talk about Ben becoming famous. Apparently Ben got hit by a car, and he went on to sing nevertheless. The album closes with Beryl and Ben singing. It’s bad, but it’s not horrible.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A – This is My Life

B – This is My Life

Cambrian Recordings

Catalog Number:
CSP 731

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Photograph – W. H. Booth

Other Albums I Own by Ben – The Singing Dog:


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