Bert Lorentz – “Time Out… to Praise the Lord!”

The Sleeve:

The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
None.  But it does have a fancy little lyric sheet!

Personal Review:  
So the LP starts with a rather nice song called “Living for You” – not quite sure what it is about. It does features vocals by his wife, Sandy Lorentz. They’re good. I like them. It’s a really long song. Okay! Song number two! “Promised One” – it’s good too. I’m beginning to like Bert Lorentz. He’s good. Oh, all the songs were written by him. Oh, that opening on the song “I’m Rejoicing” – great! I love it too. The lyrics are good. Then comes “As One (Peabody Wedding Song)” which seems to be a narrative song about getting married and joining Jesus, no doubt he wrote it for his wife, who is his love. Right? Good song, thoroughly enjoyed. Kaaaay, song number five. Finale of the A-Side. “Quietly“. Well, I like this too. Bert, you’ve earned a fan! Yup, I love his devotion to Jesus. High five Bert!

To the B-Side, opening with the song “From Now On“, yea… well From Now On I’m gonna look for Bert Lorentz records on eBay. Yea. Anyways, Bert certainly has a way with his lyrics. Then comes the song “Greatest Gift” (I know what you’re thinking, and you think I’m gonna make a joke saying that this record is the greatest gift. No, this was.) Anyways, the song is about Jesus being born and giving the greatest gift of all… love. (I saw that coming.) “The Best Day” is the next song (My eyes are playing tricks on me, making me think it says “The Best Gay“) Anyways, Bert kicks it up, and rocks out on this track! He sings about meeting God, and the second coming of Jesus. He also sings about being prepared. It’s followed by “Praise Song” (I think this may be the track that ties in with the title, maybe? Right?) – anyways, song about praising Jesus, and how Jesus was mistreated. Oh, the song “Time Out” comes up, and it shocked me. I wasn’t expecting it! Sneaky Bert. Real Sneaky. What, what? Is this a talking part in the song? Closing remarks! Yes! Oh my. Bert. You’re great. God Bless the Lorentz family!!

Interesting Facts:
None. But I gotta ask, why the taxidermy lions on the cover?

Track Listing:
A1 – Living for You
A2 – Promised One
A3 – I’m Rejoicing
A4 – As One (Peabody Wedding Song)
A5 – Quietly

B1 – From Now On
B2 – Greatest Gift
B3 – The Best Day
B4 – Praise Song
B5 – Time Out

No Label.

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Bert Lorentz – Lead and Background vocals, piano and Arp Omni (on “From Now On“)
Sandy Lorentz – Background vocals, handclaps, Arp Omni (on “Praise Song“), and Hammond C-3
Sonny Lallerstedt – Background vocals, guitar, (E-Bow), Bass, Drums, and Arp string synthesizers.
Tony Shannon – Piano on “I’m Rejoicing” and “Take Time Out, To Praise the Lord”.
Pat Terry – Moog Bass on “From Now On
Record At: River of Life, Sonny’s Music Room, Horse & Sandwich Studio Pre-Mix by Bee Jay Recording Studio
Final Mix by Horse and Sandwich Studio
Photography by Richard Smith
Mechanical Artwork by Malcolm Greenwood
Lyric Lettering by Faith Trunzler

Produced and Engineered by Sonny Lallerstedt All Songs Written by Bert Lorentz (except “Promised One” – Sandy Lorentz)

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