Danny Perdew – “My Life, My Song”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
As Jesus Christ walked the shores of Galilee and the streets of Jerusalem, he went about spreading a gospel of a kingdom to come. His ministry, his life, reached people all over the world, but yet has touched so many lives in such a personal way. The songs I have written on this album are from personal experience that I have had with the Lord in my Life. So Jesus, I want to especially dedicated this album to you because it is truly, “My Life, My Song.”
 Danny Perdew

 After pastoring Danny and Bebe Jo for 3 years and watching them grow in God, it blesses me to know that God has allowed and made it possible for him to record this album. Many times Dan has come to me and would say, God has given me another song, and each song h would write would be so inspired by God. Dan has been so faithful in the church here in Brewton, Ala., as youth leader, streetband director, etc.
 Danny I’ll never forget the first time you came to service in Brewton, I knew right away, after hearing you sing, that God was going to use you in many ways.
 Clyde Madden

Personal Review:
Now to be fair, if you Google Danny Perdew you ain’t going to find too many positive things about this man. Apparently he has a distinct way of preaching his views. Nonetheless, I’m here for Danny’s music, not his preaching style or views. So, here we go!
The album opens up with the song “Miracle Man” and Danny has quite the amazing voice, Danny is quite talented, both in singing, musicianship and song writing. It’s followed by “I Wanta Go Home to You Jesus” which is one of those apocalypse songs, and it’s really upbeat, and I really like it. Danny is definitely a very talented man. I want to meet Danny. This song is amazing, the backing vocals are absolutely amazing. Then comes the track “I’m Making Arrangements” – which is basically a song about dying and going to Heaven, and being ready to go to Heaven. Pretty deep stuff. It’s followed by “Help Me to Be (What You Want Me to Be)” – and it’s a slower track, but Danny delivers it pretty nicely. It’s quite the amazing album I got going here. The A-Side ends with “He’s Given Me a Helping Hand” – and it’s really good Southern Gospel. I definitely love the fiddle playing and Danny’s vocals are superb.

The B-Side opens with “He Took All My Confusion Away” – it’s a slower Gospel song, but Danny once more, delivers it beautifully, Danny is truly a talented man. I quite love this album, and the cover is quite neat. Oh, hey, then comes “O.D. on Jesus” – yes, it’s a song about overdosing on Jesus. “Cause if it’s alright with you Lord, I wanna O.D. on you.” – but wait, it gets better! “One time I took an overdose of real LSD, oh, there were purple alligators and elephants chasing after me, I brought orange to a dark, dark blue” – Danny dropped acid. I like this song. Then comes the song “The Shrimp Boat Song” – and two things pop into my head, one, Danny was on a shrimp boat, considering he lives in Alabama, and two, Forrest Gump. The song is pretty nice. I most definitely like this song a lot. “You Don’t Know What He Has Done for Me” follows next, and well, it’s another great Southern Gospel song, and Danny most definitely was on drugs before discovering Jesus. As, you know, these songs are written by Danny, from his personal experiences. The album ends with “J-E-S-U-S Express” – which starts with train noises, and it’s delivered so beautifully, Danny is so talented at singing. Like, it’s unbelievable!

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Miracle Man
A2 – I Wanta Go Home to You Jesus
A3 – I’m Making Arrangements
A4 – Help Me to Be (What You Want Me to Be)
A5 – He’s Given Me a Helping Hand

B1 – He Took All My Confusion Away
B2 – O.D. on Jesus
B3 – The Shrimp Boat Song
B4 – You Don’t Know What He Has Done for Me
B5 – J-E-S-U-S Express

Upper Room Records

Catalog Number:
UR 100

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Rhythm Guitar & Harmonica – Danny Perdew
Lead, Acoustic, Electric & Slide Guitar – Newman Gersin
Keyboard/Strings, Electric Piano & Acoustic Guitar – Alan Hinrichs
Bass – Billy Ray
Drums – Tommy Allen
Fiddle – Wayne Perdew
Steel Guitar – Bill Stafford
Back Up Vocals – Jim Hannaford, Beth Ousley & Judy Jermyn
Produced & Engineer – Jim Hannaford
Recorded at Sound & Surf Studios, Biloxi, Miss.
All Songs Written & Arranged by Danny Perdew
Photography – Perry McMichael

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  • Paul Kleemeyer says:

    I First Heard of Danny Perdew back in 1993 when I was brought to my Church family by the Lord Jesus Christ in the city of Orange California! And my pastor Reverend Dough Wright ! Whom is also quite talented at guitar gave me a cassette tape of Danny Perdew! & Boy did it minister to my Soul there was one particular song they still makes me feel as though I was there wandering in the wilderness with the Hebrew children! I believe it was titled following Jesus !

  • Barbara D. Moss says:

    can we order you CD’s online?
    I love the song you sing,” I went to Calvary”

  • Tate says:

    This is not Danny’s site. This is a site about records.

  • Anita B says:

    I agree this is NOT Bro Perdews site~ and the last comment made above “ Danny is so talented at singing. Like, it’s unbelievable!“ if you think his singing is awesome you SHOULD hear his preaching!!! We we’re just through there again 😜
    You can visit his church at 7001 w 28th st Greeley Co 80634
    order his CD’s through 970-330-9780

  • This man is anointed of God and his preaching confirms it. Not for the fainthearted for sure, but POWERFUL!You can hear him at apostolicpreaching.com

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