Edward Furlong – “Hold On Tight”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 The Liner notes are written in Korean.

Personal Review:
 So, to start off I’m sure we ALL know who Edward Furlong is, if not, here is his list of acting credits. Anyways, back in 1992, somewhere between the film “Pet Semetary II” and “American Heart” Edward Furlong decided to have a go at singing. This is the result. Edward was later quoted as saying that the album was “the exact opposite of rock” (I can agree there, it’s more pop.) and “a bad mistake” (I’ll have to disagree there, it was a HUGE hit in Japan where it was released!).
So, the album opens with the track “Right for Me” – and let me say this before we go onwards, basically every track on this album is a sappy pop love song. Let’s continue. Basically if you want to know what this album sounds like, you can either youtube it OR watch one of his movies. Same thing. Anyways, I, personally absolutely adore this album. (“Right from the start, I gotta know from the heart what is right for me, right for meeeeee-eeee“) – and if you don’t believe how much I love this album, I have it on my iPod, CD and, of course, record. (If not, why would we be talking about it?) The next song is “I Don’t Know What I’d Do” – and well, I don’t know what I’d do without this album – (hah, lame joke.), it has that basic drum line, but with some sax in the back. Edward delivers well on his part, he’s got some singers on backing vocals too. The song is good, but the next song comes! (Yay!) “Give Your Heart to Me” which is a rock-ish sounding pop love ballad, and (“OH OH OH. I CAN’T BELIEVE!” that is really how the chorus starts. No joke. There is a lyric sheet.) besides being a cheesy pop love ballad, the song is good – I don’t understand why Eddie hates this album? Next up, is the sappiest of love songs… on this album. “When the Sun Goes Down” – (why can I imagine Barky & Benji [the site mascots] singing this song to eachother?) good song, not my favorite on the album.

The B-Side opens with the song “I’ll Be Waiting” – which is basically like every early 90’s pop song, ELECTRIC GUITARS AND SYNTHESIZERS! Anyways, the jangle pop song comes off pretty good… but nowhere near as good as the next song, and my all time favorite song on the WHOLE album! “Hold On Tight” – and well, the song speaks for itself. (The song was once the most played song on my iPod back in highschool, and I know, you’re probably thinking “Wow, they had iPod’s in the 90’s?” NO. I was in highschool from 2007 – 2011), anyways, “HOLD ON TIGHT, DON’T LET IT GO! HOLD ON TIGHT, WE’LL MAKE IT TOGETHER!” this song is amazing. I love it. Next song though, this is a tricky one to do… it’s a cover of the Doors “People Are Strange” and, he has his typical Edward Furlong voice and sings it like that. I prefer Echo & the Bunnymen’s version, but Edward tried, he delivered… he gets points for that. The album, sadly ends on the saddest note in all of humanity… a Christmas song… “It’s Christmas Time” is the closing track on this album, and I have no idea why Edward chose to close with a song like that? Of all the songs he could’ve done, he chose to do a Christmas song. Why? It just gets me mad. It’s absolutely terrible. Just the opening makes me want to turn the record off (and usually I do) “BAH BAH BAH” – oh be quiet. To be quite honest, Edward does deliver the song well, I just don’t like Christmas songs, and don’t understand the point of it being on this album.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Right for Me
A2 – I Don’t Know What I’d Do
A3 – Give Your Heart to Me
A4 – When the Sun Goes Down

B1 – I’ll Be Waiting
B2 – Hold On Tight (Special Album Version)
B3 – People Are Strange
B4 – It’s Christmas Time

Canyon International Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Bill Champlin, Gary Falcone, Jason Scheff, Joe Pizullo, Joseph Williams & Kipp Lennon – Backing Vocals
Dennis Belfield – Bass, Synthesizer & Guitar
Art Wood & Frankie Banali – Drums
Craig Goldy & Danny Jacob – Guitar
Joey Carbone – Piano, Organ, Percussion, Synthesizer & Producer
Jim Pollock – Saxophone

**The album insert is written in Korean, and the above info comes from discogs.

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