Erick & Beverly Massegee – “Amen!”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
“Erick Massegee, the most hard-headed member of the Charles Massegee Evangelistic Team, sings, teaches and amuses on this record. Erick, youngest member of the team, is the dummy manipulated by Beverly Massegee. Mrs. Massegee won the National Association of Ventriloquists’ 1974 Dialogue Contest for two of the routines she and Erick perform. Erick never fails to amuse both young and old with his somewhat unconventional views of well-known Bible stories, and his perceptive insights into the lives of the Church and its members.
Beverly Massegee is not the typical preacher’s wife. But then, her husband, Charles Massegee, is not a typical preacher. Beverly is a former movie actress and Playboy circuit entertainer. Charles’ preaching may be described as new, inspiring, or provocative… but certainly not as “typical.” The Massegees are an evangelistic team from Dallas, Texas. They are one of the most sought after crusade teams in America today. Each year they turn down over 100 crusade invitations. Erick is one reason!”

Personal Review:
Beverly Massegee, oh my Gosh. Her voice. OH MY GOSH. She has such a seductive voice, then BOOM! High pitched as she turns into Erick! I’m still confused with Erick though… is his hair blonde or gray? Another confusing part, Erick AND Beverly sing ‘Happy Birthday’ TOGETHER! What is this sorcery? Like, I know of things like over dubbing and stuff – but how on Earth does she do it in a LIVE RECORDING?! Anyways, so almost every third sentence Erick finishes with “Amen! AeeeheeeHEEE!”.
Anyways, this is a rather cute recording. I’m not too big on ventriloquism records, but Beverly does it so well! I absolutely adore her song she does with Erick, “Let the Son Shine In” Beverly’s vocals are superb, and Erick is just cute.
Just like the crowd in this live recording, I find it great too! I cannot get over how well Erick and Beverly interact together.
So, this record is recorded in a High School. Not sure where in The USA it was, but imagine being in the crowd! I think that would be so cool. I wonder if the students got to meet Erick after… I’d so want to!
Time has done Beverly good, I’m still not sure about Erick.
The B-Side opens with this reaaaaaaaally sad story told be Erick, being a tree and having all of his ‘tree brothers’ being cut down and made into various things, really makes me feel soooooo odd. So, there you have it. Beverly and Erick – Amen!


Track Listing:
No Track Listing.

Interesting Fact:

Rainbow Sound

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None Listed.


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