Tammy Renee’ Harris – “Tammy in Taiwan”

The Sleeve:
tammytaiwan1 tammytaiwan2

The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 … I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, here am I: send me. Isaiah 6:8

 Tammy is a talented girl who really loves Jesus and has a burden for souls. She sang for our Taiwan children’s crusade and the Chinese children were very responsive to her. I’m proud of Tammy and this album.
 In Christ
 Nora Lam Sung

Personal Review:
 Tammy Renee’ has always been one of my favorite Gospel vocalists since I began listening to Gospel. So, I’m always excited when I get a chance to write about one of her albums, this one was recorded in 1977 while she was on tour in Taiwan!

 The album opens with “Lord, Lord, I’ve Got Some Singing to Do” which has some pretty great opening music, then we go into Tammy’s singing, and Tammy delivers this song beautifully. It slows down a bit, and Tammy hit’s some amazing high notes, I’m still all for the musicianship on this track. That was an amazing track. Then comes the song “Whatever It Takes” and it’s a slower, softer song, but Tammy still delivers it with such true dedication and even the spoken word part is absolutely stunning. Then comes the track “Love, It Comes in All Colors” and Tammy once more sings a beautiful song with a beautiful message, the musicianship and orchestrations provided by Bill Casolari are simply amazing. Then comes the hymn medley, “I Will Go” and well, it starts off slow with “I Will Go” and then it goes into “I Surrender” and then back, then it goes into the “I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go” and the orchestrations begin to get more prominent and Tammy’s vocals remain as wonderful as they first were. And after that the A-Side closes with the song “All in the Name of Jesus” and though, it is a softer song, it’s beautifully sung by the extremely talented Tammy Renee’ – I absolutely love Tammy’s singing.

 The B-Side immediately goes into the song “I Can’t Stop Loving Him” and Tammy Renee’ has that pop vibe to her vocals, and it makes the songs she sing flow so perfectly, and considering her age at the time of this recording, it goes to prove that she would grow into one of the most talented women in the Gospel music field. Then comes the song “Who Shall Declare His Generation” which features Tammy speaking of excerpts from the Bible before going into the song, which actually starts off as a slight A Cappella song, then the orchestrations begin and Tammy begins to sing beautifully. The song as a whole is absolutely stunning and ever so beautiful. Then comes the song “Would You Believe in Me?” and once more Tammy proves herself vocally, and the song is amazing, as is the album – but what else could you expect from a record on the Crusade label? Then comes “I Love You” which features Tammy thanking Nora Lam for inviting Tammy to sing on the 1977 Crusade (Which is where this album is recorded) – and how storms destroyed their stadiums, but they continued through and then Tammy goes in to sing “I Love You” which she half sings in Mandarin Chinese, which is definitely interesting but also an amazing talent to hear. This is definitely one of my favorite albums on the Crusade label.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Lord, Lord, I’ve Got Some Singing to Do
A2 – Whatever It Takes
A3 – Love, It Comes in All Colors
A4 – I Will Go (Hymn Medley)
 i – I Surrender All
 ii – I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go
A5 – All in the Name of Jesus

B1 – I Can’t Stop Loving Him
B2 – Who Shall Declare His Generation
B3 – Would You Believe in Me?
B4 – I Love You

Wine Skin Records

Catalog Number:
LP S 259-22

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Solo & Background Vocals – Tammy Harris
A&R Assistance & Technical Advisor – Ray Harris
Repertoire – Dolores Harris
Front Photos – Ray Harris, taken live 1977 Taiwan Crusade
Back Photos & Front Composite – W.D. Zehr
Orchestration – Bill Casolari
Engineers – Ray Harris & Bill Casolari
Album Endorsement – Nora Lam
Arranging & Orchestrating on ‘I Will Go’ hymn medley – Tommy Shelton
Oriental Dress – Kim of Korea
Spiritual Inspiration – Florence Hummil

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