Fotomaker – “Vis-a-Vis”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 Firstly, can we talk about how lost Gene and Lex look on the back cover? Or how Wally looks like Steven Tyler with no make-up on? I’m not even sure about the cover.

 Anywho, the album opens with the track “Miles Away” and you know what? It rocks. So what if they look lost, and Wally looks like Steven Tyler (I feel for you bud.) these guys sound like Rush mixed with Journey. It’s amazing. After that comes “Does She Dance” and hey, we’re continuing with good tunes here, yes we are. The guitar solo in this song is amazing. “Snowblind” comes next, and it’s a pretty good track again, the musicianship on this album is all really good. Then comes the track “Just for You” and it has some pretty good vocals and musicianship. It’s definitely better if you were listening to it. “Name of the Game” closes the A-Side, and by this point I’m pretty sure it’s not the same vocalist anymore, as it doesn’t even sound the same. It’s definitely an amazing way to end the A-Side. Loving this.

 The B-Side opens with the track “If I Can’t Believe in You” which has some really super nice piano playing at the opening of the track, and it’s pretty great. I mean like it’s amazing piano playing. Then the vocals come in, and we’re back to the good stuff again. The chorus then begins and it’s amazing too. Like, how did these guys not go further? “Coming Back” comes next, and it’s another amazing power pop song, and the vocals are great, everything on this album has been amazing so far. Then comes “Two Way Street” which is a slower song for sure, but it’s still a pretty great jam session, so I’m cool with this one too. The vocals are great on it too. Then comes the track “Sweet Lies” and it’s another good track with a lot of excellent musicianship. The vocals are back at the other vocals who I am pretty sure are not the same guy who sounds like Geddy Lee of Rush. The album ends on a positive note with the track “Make It Look Like An Accident” which is just an all out amazing track.

Interesting Facts:
Promo copy.

Track Listing:
A1 – Miles Away
A2 – Does She Dance
A3 – Snowblind
A4 – Just for You
A5 – Name of the Game

B1 – If I Can’t Believe In You
B2 – Come Back
B3 – Two Way Street
B4 – Sweet Lies
B5 – Make It Look Like An Accident

Atlantic Records

Catalog Number:
SD 19208

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
None listed.

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