Hildreth Sisters – “My Tribute”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 The Hildreth Sisters’ ministry stems from the desire to project the Gospel of Christ through song. The Christian message is communicated in a dynamic way on our first album, “He’s Life,” and on this second album, the entire time he is devoted to praise and tribute to God for the things He has done.
 We can truthfully say we have chosen the very best songs to express our thanks to God for His Son, Jesus Christ, and His redemptive plan for our lives. Included are such songs as “The Little Boy From The Carpenter’s Shop” and “The Lighthouse.” Lou Ann sings her way into the hearts of people everywhere as she will do on this album when she sings, “The Sweetest Song I Know” and she narrates the beautiful words in “There’s Something About That Name.” Sincerely projecting her love for Jesus and the place He holds in her heart, Sue Ann brings to life the song “I Should Have Been Crucified.” Charlina sings, “There Is A River” in hope that every Christian feels the same flow of God’s Spirit in his soul as she has experienced in her walk with Christ.
 We sincerely hope you enjoy listening to the album only half as much as we enjoy singing the songs of Zian. Our thanks to the Crusade musicians and to Mr. Ray Harris of Crusade Enterprises for producing the album.
 Finally, we dedicate this album to our father and mother, Rev. and Mrs. William Hildreth, who through their dedicated ministry and love have made this album possible.
 The Hildreth Sisters

Personal Review:
 It’s a Crusade record, and it has my favorite Gospel track on it. What more can you ask for?

 The album opens with “The Sweetest Song I Know” and well, it opens with piano playing and then vocals, and you know the vocals are actually surprisingly great. It’s a pretty good way to open the album. Next up comes the track “There is a River” and well, it’s sung by all the sisters, and they’re pretty great. It’s a bit of a longer song, but nothing worth complaining about. It’s fantastic. We then carry on with my favorite Gospel track, “I Should Have Been Crucified” and well, it’s amazingly well done by these talented sisters, it’s a fantastic song and these girls sing it with great meaning. After that comes the song “The Little Boy from the Carpenter’s Shop” and you know what, it’s another pretty great song, these girls are unbelievably talented, it’s absolutely fantastic! I’m quite liking this album, it’s not like most female vocal gospel groups either, these girls sing terrifically! The A-Side closes with the song “There’s Something About That Name” and it starts off roughly, when they do the vocals all together, I don’t like that in my Gospel girl groups, and then we get a spoken word part in the song, and things like this are what really make Gospel album amazing.

 The B-Side opens with the song “It’s Good to Home Again” and once more these ladies prove themselves as very talented singers, they’re beyond fantastic! Next comes the “Medley of Hymns” which begins with an amazing rendition of “Amazing Grace” (I’m not sure if I can name them all, but I will try) – and yup, we go onto another track that I do not know the name of, and it’s a pretty good track, can’t complain here! This medley is pretty great. After that comes the song “The Lighthouse” and it’s a bit slow, but it’s still a pretty good track, nothing much to complain about with this album. It’s been a whole bunch of amazing songs. Amazing vocals that really move you. It’s really a great album. After that comes the song “The King is Coming” and once more we go on with another really good Gospel track, and it takes Crusade to put out some amazing Gospel albums. The album ends with the song “My Tribute” and it’s a really good song, and amazing album all together! Fantastic.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – The Sweetest Song I Know
A2 – There is a River
A3 – I Should Have Been Crucified
A4 – The Little Boy from the Carpenter’s Shop
A5 – There’s Something About That Name

B1 – It’s Good to Be Home Again
B2 – Medley of Hymns
B3 – The Lighthouse
B4 – The King is Coming
B5 – My Tribute

Crusade Enterprises

Catalog Number:
LP S 558

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Engineer – Ray Harris
Assisting Crusade Musicians – Bill Casolari & Berdella McGrew

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