Lakey’s – “Walking In His Steps”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 Lord, this road is too rough I said, there are stones that hurt me so,
 Dear child I understand He said, because I walked it long ago.
 Lord, there’s a cool green path I said, let me walk there for a time.
 He gently answered, no my child, the green path does not climb. 
 But Lord, my burden is much too great, how can I bear it so?
 My child I remember the weight He said, I carried my cross you know,
 Oh, but Lord, I wish there were friends, who would make my way their own.
 Yes, He gently said to me, Gethsemane was hard to bear alone.
 And so I climb the stoney path, content at last to know,
 That where my Master has not gone, I would not need to go.
 And strangely then, I found new friends, my burdens became less sore,
 And I remembered, long ago Christ walked this way before.

 Being involved in gospel music myself, I truly appreciate the sincere way the Lakey Family presents the message of Jesus’ love. They are busy for Jesus, but not so busy that they lose that personal touch of being interested in you as an individual. 
 In coming to know Cindy Lakey I’ve found her to be a very deeply compassionate young woman. Cindy didn’t always seem so warm and loving to me. You see, I was looking past the real Cindy. I had taken all her actions wrong and judged her through my own eyes. But one day the Lord spoke to me and I realized that the very thing I had seen others doing, judging me, I was doing also. I was judging my brothers and sisters in Christ. From that experience I learned that only God sees our heart, thus, I wrote the song “THIS HEART”. I pray that others will begin to look as I have, beyong the other man, and try to see our brothers and sisters as Jesus sees them.
 God has allowed me to share some real trials and real victories with the Lakey Family. Each member of the team God has annointed, according to His plan. He chose Peggy to be the spokesperson because of her ability to communicate with people, young and old, rich and poor, saint and sinner, sharing the love that God put in her heart. Cindy and Milton are the more silent, but just as important, members of the team. Cindy plays the piano, sings alto, and does more of the song arrangements. Milton plays lead guitar, maintains and drives the bus and is responsible for their sound systems. I’ve learned to appreciate each one of the family in a very special way.
 It is the Lakey Family’s prayer that these songs will go into the very depths of your heart where God wants to deal with your personal needs and bless you. Open your heart as you hear the Lakey Family sings from theirs, and walk as the Lakey Family, “IN HIS STEPS.”
 One of God’s Children
 Linda Lovelace

 We dedicate this album to Syra Ibrahim, one of the greatest prayer warriors, and dearest friends the Lakey Family has, and to two of the most dedicated Christian musicians we have ever had the pleasure of working with, Pete Wilson and Doug DeHaan.

Personal Review:
 So because one of my friends is so cool, he gave me a bunch of records – mostly Crusade, one from my wantlist and then two totally random ones, and among those records, was this one. So, I’m reviewing this one first.

 The album opens with the song “This Heart” which I am guessing is sung by Cindy and Peggy, which I am also guessing are mother and daughter, both are definitely good singers too. I personally think is a great way to open the album. The album continues on with the track “That I Could Still Go Free” and although it’s a slower track, it’s not a bad one, I do quite enjoy it. It’s a bit of a long song, but everything about it is pretty good. “He’s Already On His Way” comes next and it’s a faster paced song with a lot of guitar playing, and you know their vocals are still superb, they kind of have that country sound but with the Gospel meaning. “Open My Eyes” comes next, it’s another slower track, but not all that bad. Crusade always seems to have had a way with picking amazing acts and putting them out on their label. We end the A-Side with the song “Wait Till You See My Brand New Home” which is sung by Milton Lakey, and Milton does have a good voice and when Peggy and Cindy join in the whole song is just so amazing. It’s a good way to end the A-Side.

 The B-Side opens with the song “Lord, Don’t Move That Mountain” which I can only assume is sung by Cindy, whoever is singing definitely has a more mature female voice. The group vocals are definitely really what makes this album so great. “It Made News in Heaven” comes next, and well, this is what I like, songs about Heaven – sung by very talented people, it’s wonderful. This drumming is off the wall though, like wow. “Jesus Found Me” comes next, and well we’re just continuing on and on with great tracks, and amazing musicianship, these people are so talented. “I’ve Never Been This Homesick Before” comes next, and it’s sung by Milton and Cindy, I’m guessing, well I know Milton, not sure about the female vocals, but they’re still good, and I’m still very much enjoying this album. The album ends with the song “The Third Man” and the album ends on a slower note, not bad, but not all that great to end with. I do wish we could’ve ended with one of their faster paced songs – but whats this? A spoken word part? Okay, I love this. Because I love Southern accents.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – This Heart
A2 – That I Could Still Go Free
A3 – He’s Already On His Way
A4 – Open My Eyes
A5 – Wait Till You See My Brand New Home

B1 – Lord, Don’t Move That Mountain
B2 – It Made News in Heaven
B3 – Jesus Found Me
B4 – I’ve Never Been This Homesick Before
B5 – The Third Man

Crusade Enterprises

Catalog Number:
LP S 1002

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Recorded at Crusade Studios, Flora, Illinois
Engineer – Ray Harris
Produced by Milton Lakey
Piano – Cindy Lakey
Bass – Doug DeHaan
Lead Guitar – Milton Lakey
Drums – Pete Wilson
Steel Guitar – Art Baker
Arp Strings – Bill Casolari
Photography – De Wild Studios, Pella, Iowa
Cover Design – Peggy & Cindy Lakey

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