Stufflebeam Family – “Ozark Gospel Singin'”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 Nearly 23 years in gospel music and ministry has not dampened the “first love” of The Stufflebeam Family. Since early childhood, Mom, Dad and Children would gather in the home and sing about Jesus and His amazing grace.
 The family ministry has taken many turns as each member sought their own personal walk with God. Recently they have come together again in the building and outreach of Ozark Gospel Center on beautiful Lake Of The Ozarks. Thousands of people each year come to the area for a little “fun in the sun.” The aim of Ozark Gospel Center is to reach souls for Christ and convince all who listen to OZARK GOSPEL SINGIN’ that there is more “fun” in serving the “Son!”
 May your life be enriched as Mom and Dad, Randy, Martha, and Joye still sing about Jesus and His amazing Grace.

Personal Review:
 Crusade records are always amazing, especially when it’s families doing them. So here we go with another one!

 The album opens with “Jesus, I Believe What You Said” – and it opens with some rather nice organ playing, then some female vocals before the lead male vocals begin, and the backing vocals are a little repetitive, but still rather good. After that comes the track “Too Much Ahead” which features an opening melody by the whole group before we’re left with the lead male vocals singing again, and it’s not bad. Whoever the lead female vocals is, is also pretty good. “Build My Mansion” comes next, and it’s now sung by the female vocalist, whoever she is she’s great, I still do not understand why all the Christians want mansions next door to Jesus? That’s gonna get cramped. Then we go onto the track “Suppertime” – and it’s a different female vocalist, and this track is so beautiful, it’s absolutely great. The vocals on this album are just beautiful. After that comes the song “Peace in the Valley” and the vocalist on this track, when he hits the high notes sound a bit like Richard Miller, and it’s absolutely fantastic. This group is a lot better than I was expecting, then again, it is a Crusade release, so I always should expect the unexpected. The A-Side closes with one of my absolute favorite Gospel tracks, “I Should Have Been Crucified” which is sung by one of the females, and the build up to the chorus is amazing, the chorus is performed by the whole group, which makes it even greater.

 The B-Side opens with the track “I Won’t Be Satisfied” and it’s sung by the other female vocalist, and it’s a pretty good track, I’m not particularly fond of the squeeze box playing, but hey, the vocals are pretty great. “What a Precious Friend is He” comes next, and it’s pretty nice. “Just Passin’ By” comes next, and it’s a nice track sung by the whole group, and boy can they can sing! It’s absolutely great. “I Need No Mansion Here” comes next, and once again we’re back at the whole mansion topic, this time they don’t want a mansion – on earth, only in the Gloryland. I don’t get it. The song is good though. “The Lighthouse” comes next, and it’s a pretty decent track, I’ve heard the song on numerous other albums, so I’m quite familiar with it, and it’s not a bad track at all. The album ends with the track “More About Jesus” and it’s a pretty decent track, I can’t really complain about this album, it’s been pretty great from start to finish.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Jesus, I Believe What You Said
A2 – Too Much Ahead
A3 – Build My Mansion
A4 – Suppertime
A5 – Peace in the Valley
A6 – I Should Have Been Crucified

B1 – I Won’t Be Satisfied
B2 – What a Precious Friend is He
B3 – Just Passin’ By
B4 – I Need No Mansion Here
B5 – The Lighthouse
B6 – More About Jesus

Crusade Enterprises

Catalog Number:
LP S 1159

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Piano – Martha Stufflebeam
Organ – Joyce Vladeff
Drums – Marjorie Stufflebeam
Guitar – Randy Stufflebeam
Assisting Crusade Musicians – Bill Casolari & Art Baker
Recorded at Crusade Studios, Flora, Illinois
Engineer – Bill Casolari

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