INXS – “The Swing”

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Personal Review:
 I’ve always loved INXS. As far back as I can remember I always have. I even remember the long drives where I would play INXS’s Greatest Hits on CD in the back. Memories.

 So, this album opens with my all time favorite INXS song, “Original Sin” and I cannot even begin to tell you why this is my favorite song, whether it’s for the amazing musicianship, the vocals or even the music video? Maybe the meaning of the song. Nevertheless, it’s a great song, and an amazing way to open the album. I even made my own music video for it in high school. That’s a whole other story though. Oh, and Michael Hutchence rocks. Then comes the song “Melting in the Sun” which is a pretty good rock song, I definitely like this song too. Not as much as the first, but hey, it’s still pretty good. The chorus is the best. Then comes the song “I Send a Message” which is another great track by INXS, though the build up at the beginning really builds the song up, but it isn’t as good as the build up would make it sound. Then comes the song “Dancing on the Jetty” which is a better song than the previous, I definitely like the chorus on this. Michael’s vocals are phenomenal. Then comes the title track of the album, “The Swing” follows next, and it’s a great way to end the A-Sie. I’m enjoying it. INXS were great when Michael was still alive.

 The B-Side opens with “Johnson’s Aeroplane” and it’s a good track, I definitely like the group vocal dynamics. The musicianship is the best on this track though. After that comes “Love Is (What I Say)” and it starts of a little slow and quiet, but then Michael really hits it and it becomes another amazing track. Then after that comes the song “Face the Change” and it’s an alright song, nothing overly special. The musicianship is good though. After that comes the track “Burn for You” which has a great intro to it, the musicianship rocks. The vocals come in, and the female choir backing vocals rock everything. They make this song one of the greatest songs on this album. It’s a very 80’s sounding song. Well, what do you expect for 1984. The album closes with the song “All the Voices” which once more starts off slowly, but then picks up by the middle of the track thanks to the backing vocals and amazing musicianship.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Original Sin
A2 – Melting in the Sun
A3 – I Send A Message
A4 – Dancing on the Jetty
A5 – The Swing

B1 – Johnson’s Aeroplane
B2 – Love Is (What I Say)
B3 – Face the Change
B4 – Burn for You
B5 – All the Voices


Catalog Number:
ATCO 79 01601

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Keyboards & Guitar – Andrew Farriss
Bass – Garry Gary Beers
Drums, Percussion & Vocals – Jon Farriss
Guitar, Sax & Vocals – Kirk Pengilly
Vocals – Michael Hutchence
Guitar & Bass – Tim Farriss
Cover Design – Philip Mortlock
Front Group Pic & Individual B&W Pics by Michael Putland
Photography – Paul Clarke, Philip Mortlock & Kirk Pengilly
Art – Jon Watkins
Backing Vocals – Frank Simms, Dave Spinner, Daryl Hall, Jenny Morris, Sherine, Sean Kelly, Andrew Duffield, Norma Lewis & Kim-Liat Edwards
Thanks to Nick Launay, Nile Rodgers & MMA
Mixed at Townhouse, Sarm East & West, Air Studios
Recorded at the Manor, Power Station, Rhinoceros, Paradise & Emerald City
Strings Arranged by Bill Motzing & Andrew Farriss
Assistant Engineers – Paul ‘Croyden’ Cook (Townhouse), Stewart (Sarm East), Ross (Sarm West), Jeremy Allan (Air Studios), Master Steven Chase (Manor), David ‘Fullnumber’ Price (Paradise) & Allan Wright (Rhinoceros)

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