Lowell Mason – “Little Lowell Sings Praise the Lord!”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
Little Lowell Mason has been called the “Singing Midget” because of his unique height of 46 inches.
 Little Lowell began singing on radio at the early age of only 9 years. He became a regular member of The Children’s Bible Hour radio broadcast out of Grand Rapids, Michigan and continued with that same program for 7 years.
 After completion of high school in 1955, Lowell joined the Cecil Todd Evangelistic Association of Joplin, Missouri. In 1965, The Todd Team formed the Revival Fires Ministries which now has a world wide Outreach For Christ through radio, television and overseas evangelism.
 Little Lowell & His Team have sung in revival meetings, crusaders and rallies throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and the The West Indies. He and his team appear weekly on more than 150 TV Channels, which are part of the Revival Fires Network.
 His record albums are distributed throughout the nation through the services of the Timothy Amos Agency of Nashville, Tennessee.
 Little Lowell and the Masons travel nearly 100,000 miles each year taking the Gospel in song to people of all faiths.

Personal Review:
So, I have quite a few Lowell Mason records. I think pretty highly of the guy. This album is one of his more rare and hard to find albums. Glad I have it.
Let’s Just Praise the Lord” starts off the album, Lowell is a little man with a big voice – and it’s so great, he’s a bit of a slow singer, but the musicianship makes up for everything. Lowell is a very talented guy. Next comes “I Don’t Know What You Came to Do” – and well, he picks it up on this track with a very catchy Gospel track! And hey! Lowell doesn’t always sing Gospel! This song definitely is a good one! Oh, and it’s followed by “Put Your Hand in the Hand” – and you know, for the longest time I didn’t know this was a Gospel song, until I saw it on a bunch of Gospel albums, and actually listened to it… Anyways, so it’s a pretty good track. I definitely like it. Then comes the song “Family of God” – it’s a little slow again for me, but hey, Lowell still delivers beautifully, and it’s quite amazing. The A-Side closes with “Sweet Sweet Spirit” – the steel guitar definitely makes it for me on this album, it’s absolutely amazing.

The B-Side opens with “Turn Your Radio On”  – it’s a pretty good track, I can’t really complain about this! Lowell has an amazing voice and the backing vocals are pretty great too. Then comes the song “Take That Frown Off Your Face” – which is an upbeat happy song, and it’s pretty good. Lowell speeds it up a bit, and it makes for an amazing track. “Come to the Water” follows next, it has some pretty nice musicianship at the beginning and Lowell is pretty great, I’m definitely liking this album a lot. The chorus is pretty nice too. “Hallelujah” comes next (and no, it’s not the Leonard Cohen / Jeff Buckley version.) – but hey, it’s not bad! It’s pretty nicely done. The album closes with “There’s Something About That Name” – it’s a slow song, but it isn’t all that bad, makes for a pretty decent closing track.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Let’s Just Praise the Lord
A2 – I Don’t Know What You Came to Do
A3 – Put Your Hand in the Hand
A4 – Family of God
A5 – Sweet Sweet Spirit

B1 – Turn Your Radio On
B2 – Take That Frown Off Your Face
B3 – Come to the Water
B4 – Hallelujah
B5 – There’s Something About That Name

Rite Record Productions

Catalog Number:
TLP 1001

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Drums – Tim Short
Lead Guitar – Gary Smith
Piano – Dan Burton
Rhythm Guitar – Grady Burton
Steel Guitar – Chuck Rich
Bass Guitar – Dennis Herrell
Assisting Vocalists – Tim Wilson & Dan Templeton

Other Albums I Own by Lowell Mason:
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