Richard Miller – “Jesus is On My Side / The Assassination of John F. Kennedy”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 Richard Miller was born without arms and legs, is 21 years old, and is a Senior Law student at the University of Texas. Along with his brother I.E. Miller, Richard wrote and recorded these two songs. He also plays the lead guitar on the record and sings both parts on the hymn. With the use of home-made controls invented by his Dad, Richard also drives his own car.

 Even though “The Assassination of John F. Kennedy” vividly relates the events of that tragic day in Dallas, it is written only in memory of the late President and as a tribute to a great man who loved his country whom his country loved. “Jesus is On My Side” is Richard’s personal testimony and plea to you to accept Christ as your personal Lord and Savior.

(Note: The liner notes come from the scanned sleeve below.)

Personal Review:
 This is my second last Richard Miller record in my collection – unfortunately, “Special: Dixie Echoes (’66)” still evades me to this day – but in honor of Richard’s 72nd birthday – and being a personal hero of mine, I decided to half-end the saga (for now – at least until the evading album ends up in my collection) with his 1964 single – which would later be on the album “Jesus Use Me“.

 So, the single opens with “Jesus Is On My Side” – now keep in mind, Richard plays the guitar and organ on his own – despite his very visual handicap – being born without arms or legs, now he plays those instruments so greatly, and sings this song – which is not the same version featured on “Jesus Use Me” – this version is a little rougher around the edges and less refined, but Richard is still very great at what he does. I also dig the piano slide they featured in there.

 The B-Side is the lesser known Richard Miller track, “The Assassination of John F. Kennedy” which is a sung narrative of the assassination of JFK. I’m not even joking, it’s the most detailed sung narrative I’ve ever heard (and the only one at that.) – I wonder if Richard was there when it happened? I think Richard may have been an avid Kennedy fan, I know I like Kennedy.

Interesting Facts:
Original picture sleeve (mine was sleeveless, sadly.)

Bonus Pictures from the book ‘Richard Miller’s True Story’:
Richard as a baby

Richard and Gail

Actress Irene Ryan, Richard and Gail. Irene is holding “Richard Miller Sings and Plays Gospel Favorites” and Richard is holding “The Many Voices of Richard Miller“.

Richard Miller eating and drinking.

Track Listing:
A – Jesus is On My Side

B – The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Richard Miller Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Vocals – Richard Miller

Other Albums I Own by Richard Miller:
Jesus is On My Side / I Know the Lord Will Make a Way for Me
Jesus Use Me
The Many Voices of Richard Miller
Richard Miller Sings and Plays Gospel Favorites

Other Albums I Own that Richard Miller Appears On:
Richard & Gail Miller – “Richard & Gail Miller Sing the Gospel of Love



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