Roger Mobley – “Something for Everyone”

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Personal Review:
 So, Roger Mobley is a former child actor best known for “Wagon Train” and “Fury” he eventually retired from acting, joined the U.S. Army – became a Green Beret, served in Vietnam and then came back to America and did this album with the help of Crusade Enterprises.

 The album opens with the song “Heaven Won’t Be a Quiet Place” and Roger’s voice was nothing like I’d have expected, it’s extraordinary! The song, written by Mobley, is a great song on it’s own, and Bill Casolari’s backing musicianship makes it so perfect. I’m actually really loving this song. “His Hand in Mine” follows next, and though the song is a slow song, the amazing backing musicians make this all the more worth listening to. Roger is a terrific singer, being back by some of the greatest people in the music industry. “I’m Gonna Walk Right In” comes next, and this one has fiddle playing in it, and it’s just an all around amazing song again. This album is pretty great. After that we go back to a Roger Mobley written song, “Praise Him for What He’s Done” comes next, and the musicianship is better than the vocals on this track, so far. The song does pick up, and it’s a pretty good song. “Until Then” closes the A-Side and Roger still sings every song amazingly. I’m actually super impressed with this album, as it is a lot better than I thought it would be.

 The B-Side opens with four Roger Mobley written tracks, the first is the song “Let Us Behold Him” and boom, we’re off to a great start with Roger’s vocals. This is a really good album. Everything about this song is perfect, right down to the chorus and backing vocals. After that comes “Did I Do Anything for You?” and more as we continue on I find Roger kind of sounds a bit like Jeff Steinberg, but he’s obviously not, but both men are extremely talented… I wonder what a duet between them would sound like… Anyways! The song is really good, and the piano playing by Tom Shelton is pretty good too. “You Can Walk On the Water” and it’s a more upbeat song than the previous one, and it’s pretty great, I’m really partial to the backing musicianship. Apparently Roger does the drums. “Hold On To God’s Unchanging Hand” comes next, and you know it’s like one great song after another, I’m in love with this album! The album closes with the song “I Want to Do Thy Will” and although, it is a slower song, Roger’s impeccable voice makes this song, just like the whole album, completely amazing. Nothing can compare to it.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Heaven Won’t Be a Quiet Place
A2 – His Hand in Mine
A3 – I’m Gonna Walk Right In
A4 – Praise Him for What He’s Done
A5 – Until Then

B1 – Let Us Behold Him
B2 – Did I Do Anything for You?
B3 – You Can Walk On the Water
B4 – Hold On to God’s Unchanging Hand
B5 – I Want to Do Thy Will

Son Rise Records

Catalog Number:
LP S 302-01

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Vocals, Drums, Acoustic & Rhythm Guitars – Roger Mobley
Engineer, Arp, Organ, Fiddle, Lead & Bass Guitars – Bill Casolari
Backup Vocals & Piano – Tom Shelton
Steel Guitar – Art Baker
Backup Vocals – Barbara Hand
Recorded at Crusade Studios, Flora, IL
Owner & Technical Advisor of Crusade – Ray Harris

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