Ron Morehead – “Reflections”

Ron Morehead recorded this album and released it on his own label in 1984. This album begins with the track “Grace” and he’s got a voice kind of like an Elvis impersonator, but only slightly at points. It’s definitely coming across more of a CCM album, as opposed to a traditional Gospel album. The first track, not all that entertaining, but still performed well. We continue on with the track “Lord, I Need You” and it’s alright, not really my general type of Gospel music. I do prefer that Country sounding Southern Gospel as opposed to Pop sounding CCM. Next comes “Come Unto Me” and it’s another ballad-y type of song, not awful but still not my thing. Don’t get me wrong, Ron is talented but not my style. “My Shepherd” continues the album, and it’s a decent track, well performed. “I Saw the Lite” (yes, the Hank Williams song) and it’s actually pretty decent, not as great as the original because no one compares to Hank, but it is a good song! An interesting take on a classic, nonetheless – and not an overly awful way to close the A-Side.

The B-Side opens with the track “Sold” (Will it be the Boy George song? Most likely not.) he does seem to come out with more of a country vibe on this song though, which is a positive. It’s generally not a bad song, decent all around start to the B-Side. We go onto the next track, which is “Trustin’ In You” which comes off as one of those educational type songs – the backing vocals are really good though, not sure who she is but she’s great. Next is “Reflection of You” (possibly the title track?) and it’s a slower song, still keeping up with the same style, it’s not all that interesting. “The Return” continues the album, and maybe we’ll pick up with this one? Nope. The album closes with “I Don’t Belong to Me” and it’s upbeat, a bit of a change of pace from the rest of the album and honestly, second best track on the album.

Catalog Number:

Produced, Arranged and Conducted by Danny Lawson
Recorded and Mixed by Ken Carlton
Assistant Enginer – Justin Souter
Recorded at Sound Technique Recording Studio, Madera, CA.
All Songs Published by RJM Music, BMI & Jeffers Music, ASCAP
Bass – Dave Clark
Guitar (Rhythm/Lead) – Danny Johnson
Drums – Ernie Palacio
Violin (Concertmaster) – Jim Stark
Violin – Claudia Shiuh, Cynthia Stewart, Gebhart Long & Bob Parameter
Cello – Nancy Cousins Skei & Judy Robinson
Saxophone (Soprano & Alto) – Bob Russell
Backing Vocals – Gwen Amey, Andrea James & Danny Lawson


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