The Fuller Family – “I Won’t Have to Worry Anymore”

So, here I am again with The Fuller Family’s second album – their first album “A Little Crippled Girls Prayer” brought us some great tracks, and even some nice recitations from Marsha Fuller – who actually released a 45 of her own. This time, released in what I can only believe was 1979 comes their album on the Big G Custom Productions label, “I Won’t Have to Worry Anymore”

And naturally, we open with the title track, “I Won’t Have to Worry Anymore” and we have Lillian Mahoney (incorrectly spelled Mahorney on the back cover) opening with piano as Marsha and Gene (???) open the album with this wonderfully done song, as the album plays I read over the songs listed on the back cover and it actually has a really good selection of songs on this one, quite a few that I know. We do have a recitation on this one, and I love that. Marsha closes the song with her fantastic, powerful vocals. Next, we go onto Marsha delivering one of my favorite songs, “Until You’ve Known the Love of God” and boy, does this girl sing some of the most powerful vocals in gospel music, and I wish with this album, and so many others that the music contained within could be heard by everyone. All in all, she does a wonderful version. We go onto the song “Because He Lives” and I really think that the male vocals are done by Marsha’s brother, Gene, and he too, delivers some wonderfully heartfelt vocals on this album, just as they both had on their previous album. Next we continue on with a Marsha Fuller original song titled, “Since I’ve Met Jesus” and she once more, delivers some great vocals on this wonderful track. Marsha and the family closes the A-Side with the upbeat, “When I Prayed Through” and this family absolutely sings from the heart with their wonderful songs for the Lord.

We open the B-Side with one of my favorite Gospel songs, “I Should Have Been Crucified” and Marsha delivers another great version of one of my favorite songs, and her vocals are just absolutely stunning. Yes, we have a recitation from Marsha in this song, and Marsha’s recitations hit like none other, they’re so powerful and wonderful. She hits those high notes so powerfully. Gene continues the album with the song “Jesus Will Outshine Them All” and it’s another great track on such a fantastic album. “He Pilots My Ship” continues the album with Marsha leading this song as the family delivers wonderful backing vocals to accompany Marsha. It’s a nice song, and probably one of my favorite versions I’ve heard of it. We continue on with another Marsha written song, “Don’t Be Angry With Me Jesus” and you know, she’s a talented songwriter, and a talented singer, and I bet you anything, Marsha was probably a real joy to be around, she looks like she lights up a room. Fantastic song. We end this amazing album with the upbeat song, “That Day is Almost Here” and you know, I loved the Fuller Family’s first album and I loved this album too. They’re wonderful singers, and their songs are performed with such heart and feelings. All in all, wonderfully amazing album by the Fuller Family again.

Check Marsha’s signature on the back! “Keep trusting in God, Marsha Fuller

Catalog Number:

Recorded at Goodman Sound, Madisonville, KY.
Photo – Thelma Taylor
Musicians – Lilian Mahorney (Lillian Mahoney), Charlie Franklin & Gene Fuller
Engineer – Steve Chandler
Designed & Printed by Fahrenkrug Studios, Evansville, IN.


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