Taunnie – “Boy Shoppin'”

So, today we do things a little different, instead of my usual Gospel release I’m doing something not Gospel – we have Taunnie’s 1984 pop release on Thunderbolt Records, “Boy Shoppin’” – and I have to say, with a back cover like that, reading over the liner notes and seeing it’s like a song of sorts, that’s pretty solid.

Those liner notes say Taunnie was inspired by Michael Jackson and with the musicianship on this song, I can definitely see it. The album opens with “Good Times” and Taunnie does have a great voice, I can see what all the hype is for this album! Taunnie is very talented! Taunnie has a super powerful voice, and this song is really catchy! Next up is “Journey” and whoa, Taunnie opens up with a roar of vocals, and I’m not exactly digging with the keys on this one, but I’m not hating it, because the vocals are great. “Crystal Dreams” comes next and it sounds like it could be for some 80’s TV show, and turns out this song is about Cocaine – which is pretty dark for a twelve year old, and who is this male vocalist? Judging by the liners, it might be Jeff Burrill? Who knows? It’s good though. “Waitress” comes next, and I’m really digging how creative this album is, Taunnie really knew what she was doing on this album! “Michael” ends the A-Side, and it seems to come off like a ballad, which isn’t bad, because 80’s love ballads rocked. Excellent exit from the A-Side.

The B-Side opens with the titular track, “Boy Shoppin’” and it’s pretty funky this one, and the chorus is fantastic, this is just an all out great album. This is just an amazingly done album, which Taunnie recorded for her 15 year old sister! “Come Stay With Me” comes next, it’s another love ballad, delivered amazingly by Taunnie. Once more, I get the Michael Jackson vibe from this song “Game of Persuasion” and it’s another funky pop song, and Taunnie does amazing work on the keyboards on this track, the bass is great too. Lastly, and fittingly enough, we end the album with aptly named, “Class Dismissed” and it opens with a nice piano overture before Taunnie begins to give one last final great performance on this fantastic album. This has been an absolutely amazing album.
Read about Taunnie’s story here. Watch a video about a 7 year old Taunnie here. Taunnie now.

Catalog Number:

All Songs Produced and Arranged by Taunnie
Except Good Times and Crystal Dreams, co-produced with Gibi

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