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The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 …When I first began working with Vicki’s songs, the musical ideas began to flow automatically, as if those ideas were intended. I would complete a song and play it for her and it seemed to be always what she had heard in the song… it was exciting! I felt the Lord was definitely working through us. I found myself  the most excited as I finished each song, in anticipation of what the next one would bring. The songs God gave her are all stylistically different and exciting! Each has a strong divine message for everyone. My hope is that you might experience the same musical and spiritual fulfillment that we have through Vicki’s music.
 Jim Sharples, Co-Arranger, Producer

 God gave me a desire to serve Him. I began to recognize the intensity of this desire through my association with Christian Women’s Clubs and the dear leaders of the Stonecroft Ministries. My stronghold was God’s promise in John 15:7,
 “If you abide in me, and My words abide in you, as what you will and you shall have it.”
 I prayed for a ministry and He gave me these songs to share with you. God’s goodness is so far beyond my comprehension. He gave me my heart’s desire… to sing for Him!
 Because of Him!

Personal Review:
 So, this one is a different one, not on Crusade, it’s on Lamp Productions, and it’s sung by Vicki Lamp.

 The album opens with the extremely upbeat “Peace, Joy & Unity” and well Vicki has a good singer, and the backing vocals are pretty interesting to hear, but what really makes this great is the musicianship. It’s absolutely fantastic! After that we go onto the slightly slower track “Close to You” and it’s definitely slower, not quite as interesting as the previous track, but it’s decent. “You Can Have It, Too!” comes next, and it kind of just keeps up with the current rhythm and tempo, not fast, but pretty decent. The songs are well written. “You Are the Secret” comes next, and I like these songs, because they sort of sound like something a female Barry Manilow would sing, and you know, that’s something everybody should enjoy. The piano playing is pretty great too. The A-Side closes with the song “Will It Be There for Me?” which opens with a little flute solo, and it seems like Vicki has a little childrens choir backing her up. It’s definitely a nice way to close the A-Side. I like it.

 The B-Side opens with the track “Free!” and Vicki goes right into it, delivering a nice track. She’s actually a pretty nice singer, her songs are really good. After that comes the track “Beautiful Butterfly” and it’s really slow, and not really my type of music, it’s a little disappointing because I was really enjoying this album up til this song. “It’s for Keeps!” comes next, and we seem to be picking back up, and not in this slow vibe. Vicki delivers the song wonderfully, and her vocals aren’t bad at all! “Are You Crying Now, My Lord?” comes next, and it’s a little bit slow, but the notes that Vicki hits are pretty great. The album closes with the song “Thank You, Jesus” and it seems to be a bit of a pick-up from the previous tracks, Vicki once again shows up how great of a singer she is, and this album has been surprisingly great!

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Peace, Joy & Unity
A2 – Close to You
A3 – You Can Have It, Too!
A4 – You Are the Secret
A5 – Will it Be There For Me?

B1 – Free!
B2 – Beautiful Butterfly
B3 – It’s For Keeps!
B4 – Are You Crying Now, My Lord?
B5 – Thank You, Jesus

Lamp Productions

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Words & Music – Vicki Lamp
Executive Producers – Arthur Joe Lewis & Michael Lamp
Producer & Arranger – Steve Bayless
Co-Producer & Arranger – Jim Sharples
Engineer – Phil York
Photograph – Thorsen’s Studio & Gallery
Art Design – Jack Whitt
Special Appreciation – Steve Bayless, Jim Sharples, Kay Williams, Mother & Dad
Vocal Background – Debbie May, Judy Sharples, Rosie Vero, Steve Bayless & Jim Sharples
Children – Jimmy Bayless & Jill Sharples
Bass – Jim Sharples
Rhythm Guitar – Jim Prichett
Drums – Wayland Smajstria
Keyboards – Phyllis Emert
Featured Pianist – Fred Crane
Featured Guitarist – Mac Dougherty
Harp – Becky Schershell
Percussion – Jim Sharples & John Eplen
Flute – Marchall Head
Brass – Mark Hettle, Bob Hurst, Galen Jeter, Loren Larson & Ray Ross
Strings – Marilyn Chandler, George Del Gobbo, Ruth Gibson, Monte Knutson, Robert Cashun, Helen Robertson & Frances Schultz

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  • David Manzi says:

    I have this album and really enjoy it. I thought I’d poke around online to see if I could find Vicki, maybe on facebook, or maybe just some other way to contact her. This is the only site I found with any mention of her. Do you happen to have any information on where she might be for what she might be or what she might be up to these days–or any way to contact her? I’d sure love to let her know how much I’m still enjoying her music all these years later. Anyway, don’t know if anyone will see this but thought I’d leave a message. Hope to hear from you!

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