The Models – “Models”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
I know nothing about this band, except their Canadian, from Edmonton Alberta and that like, there’s a wet girl on the cover.
So, the album immediately opens with “Did It Well” – which, may I say has some pretty great musicianship, and like the lyrics are pretty good. So, like I like what I’m hearing thus far! Next up, with just as good musicianship is “Lovin’ You, Baby” – the lyrics aren’t as good, so I don’t like the song as much as the previous, but the musicianship is still pretty great. Then comes “You Gave Up On Love” – which once again features pretty badass musicianship, So, once more it’s a pretty good track like the first one, it makes me question what happened to the Models? (Apparently, they released a follow-up album in 1982) Then comes “Janie, You’re Wrong” – which has a familiar sound, not sure where I’ve heard it before! And, surprisingly, it’s pretty catchy, and rather good (No wonder it was one of their singles!) I liked it. So, the A-Side closes with “Heart Like a Wheel” and it’s not bad, it’s pretty catchy! I like it, great musicianship and lyrics, the group vocals are pretty badass too. Good way to end the A-Side.

So, the B-Side opens with the track “Get A Hold of Your Life” – which is a pretty good way to start the B-Side, the guy doing the backing vocals, (Brent Macnab, I believe) has a pretty great voice. Oh my god, that guitar riff. That was the greatest guitar riff I’ve ever heard on a private pressing record! Next up comes “To My Heart” – which is a pretty catchy track, with an amazing chorus and awesome guitar playing. Then comes “Gina” which is another pretty catchy song, I can’t get over how great the musicianship on this record is, like it’s beyond good! Then comes “Victoria Bay” – which comes off as a pretty good song again, with what sounds like some intense synthesizer playing. You’d think the song was about a place, but it’s actually about a woman.Anyways, the album ends with the track “Did it Well” – which I’m guessing is a reprise of the first track. yup. It is.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Did it Well
A2 – Lovin’ You, Baby
A3 – You Gave Up on Love
A4 – Janie, You’re Wrong
A5 – Heart Like a Wheel

B1 – Get a Hold of Your Life
B2 – To My Heart
B3 – Gina
B4 – Victoria Bay
B5 – Did It Well

Vera Cruz Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Guitar & Vocals – Peter Bodman
Bass & Vocals – Paul Cottle
Drums – Mark Kosman
Lead Guitar & Vocals – Brent Macnab
Keyboards – David Stahl

Produced by Wes Dakus for Park Lane Music Company Ltd.
Recorded & Mixed at Sundown Recorders, Edmonton, Alberta
Engineers – Gerry Dere, Jim Gaines & Ian Ross
Mixed by Gerry Dere & Jim Gaines
Mastered at Allen Zentz Mastering Inc.
Special Guest Appearances by Mavis McCauley & Barry Allen
Management: Newspeak, John Bell

Art Direction & Design: Monty Cooper
Photography: Christopher Bissell
Cover Girl: Angie Monette
Angie’s Clothes: Tish Northrup

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  • I came across your site while searching for The Models…I photographed both their albums ..their 2nd album was released in 1982 .. MaryAnne would of been a titled track (?)..
    They became good friends… both albums were shot in my Edmonton Alberta Canada Studios …
    They played for my leaving party the autumn of 1983… I re Located to London at the beginning of 1984…
    They were a very Hot Band Live… should of had more ( a lot more ) success!
    Christopher Bissell

  • Lambros Tsiandos says:

    In late 1984 the band changed their name to Peter Mann & the Lonely with a new lineup of musicians however the 2 original members Peter Bodman singer/songwriter frontman and David Stahl keyboards were joined by Rod Jensen guitar/harmony vocals, Phil Anderson bass/ harmony vocals and Lambros Tsiandos pronounced ” chandos ” on drums. The band went on to tour across Canada as a opeing act and headliner. In addition they placed second among 48 other bands in a nation wide battle of the bands that was hosted by CBC on Good Rockin’tonight called Rock Wars. In doing so, they won a music video produced and funded by the CBC that was aired frequently on Video Hit’s and Much Music. No albums were ever recorded but the band continued to tour until 1986 and then folded.

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