David Miller – “Here They Come”

Here They Come by David Miller of Harrison, Ohio – released in 1977, on the Jordan Records label. Who is they? I don’t know, but I’m about to find out with the title track opening the album.

The album does indeed open with the track “Here They Come” – and as you’d expect, David Miller sure does have a deep southern voice, and those backing vocals by the Christi-Glo Singers are pretty good. “Show Me the Way to Calvary” continues the album, it’s slow, and kinda dull sounding, but I’m sure David is singing from the heart, and about his true inner feelings. So, that’s good. Right? “One Day Too Late” comes next, and we keep up with the same sort of pace for this album. It’s not really my type of Gospel, a bit slow for me, and definitely not Southern enough. We do pick up the pace a bit with “I Won’t Walk Without Jesus” and this one seems to be one of the better tracks of the LP so far. Oh, I do enjoy that organ by a guy named… Dumpy Rice (who apparently for a hit song for Conway and Elvis!) – “I’m So Glad He Found Me” ends the A-Side, and it’s not bad. Decent enough.

B-Side opens with “Moving Up Higher” and I feel like sometimes he tries to do Elvis-esque vocals, but maybe that’s just me thinking this. “This is Like Heaven to Me” continues this album, and you know, I dig with the studio musicians on this album. It’s pretty good. The vocals still haven’t quite got me. “That I Could Still Go Free” comes next, and I’m not vibing with David Miller like I have with other Miller’s in the past. Oh, but I do like this harmony he does with his backing singers. “I Saw the Man” comes next, and you know, I just expected much more from David. I did expect this song to be about Jesus, but it’s about his crucifixion. Did David just say he was that man? “Joy in the Morning” comes next to close the album, and it does feature a nice spoken word part, that does really make it a good listen, but that’s about it.

Catalog Number:

Produced, Remix & Engineer – Dennis Hensley
Keyboards & Arranged by Dumpy Rice
Pedal Steel – Charles Rich
Percussion – Tim Short
Lead Guitar – Junior Spivey
Upright Bass – Mike Scharfe
Strings – Junior Bennett
Backing Vocals – Christi-Glo Singers
Photo – Wes England
Rite-Way Photocolor – Cincinnati, Ohio
Printing – Color Graphics, Inc. Goodlettsville, TN
Mastering – N.R.P. Nashville, TN
Pressing – Dixie, Nashville, TN.

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