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Pee-Wee Herman / Surf Punks – “Surfin’ Bird / My Beach”

Pee-Wee Herman / Surf Punks – “Surfin’ Bird / My Beach” Unfortunately, on July 30th the world lost an absolute icon. Paul Reubens, who was widely known as “Pee-Wee Herman” passed away after a brave, six year battle with cancer. Naturally, he’ll be remembered as Pee-Wee, but he was so much more than just one character, he was a talented actor who featured in such movies like... Read More »

The Laymen – “The Laymen”

The Laymen – “The Laymen”So, here we go with Georgia’s own the Laymen from Warner Robins, with what the liner notes say is their sixth album – self released as there is no label present. The album opens with the song “The Message of His Coming” and it starts with no instrumental backing just a cappella vocals before the... Read More »

Sonya – “Clothed in White”

Sonya – “Clothed in White”    So, after a long time of searching I finally came across this one – I’d been searching for this for almost as long as Larry Adams.  This is Mrs. Sonya Chittum of Hot Springs, AR on the Shine Records label. The album opens with a song written by Mrs. Chittum (Though, her name... Read More »

The Choraleers Quartet – “Oh, I Found Jesus”

The Choraleers Quartet – “Oh, I Found Jesus”So, here we are with the third and final Choraleers album, following up behind “On The Way Home” and “I Found the Lord” we have “Oh, I Found Jesus” – now I don’t know if this album is pre or post the latter two, but if you look at the guys on the cover, the... Read More »

The Choraleers Quartet – “I Found The Lord”

The Choraleers Quartet – “I Found The Lord”Yesterday, I listened to the Choraleers “On My Way Home” – today, “I Found the Lord” once again on the Truth label of North Carolina. These guys open the album with the title track, “I Found the Lord” which was written by Gary Lucas, who once more is on this album, with his very distinct... Read More »

The Choraleers Quartet – “On The Way Home”

The Choraleers Quartet – “On The Way Home”So, tonight we have The Choraleers Quartet of North Carolina and their first of two 1975 albums on the Truth record label. Another group of finely dressed gentlemen. They open the album with the song “On the Way Home” and we got some pedal steel guitar, and that real country gospel sound that you know I love,... Read More »

The Spencers – “It’ll Be Worth It After All”

The Spencers – “It’ll Be Worth It After All”So, this is a new one for me, I don’t think in my fifteen years of collecting that I’ve ever seen a Gospel LP from the 1990’s aside from Terri Gibbs’ contribution. The Spencer Family comes from Ohio, and they released this album in 1990 on the Peaceful Stream Music label. The album, once again,... Read More »

The Hamilton Brothers – “Give The World A Smile”

The Hamilton Brothers – “Give The World A Smile”First of all, what is not to like about this cover? Six happy guys, dressed sharp outside of a TV studio. Secondly, the back cover says that these gentlemen have done telethons for handicapped children. Thirdly, a guy on Discogs said his great grandfather is one of the guys on the cover, how cool is... Read More »

The Davis Family – “One More Day…”

The Davis Family – “One More Day…”So, yesterday I had written about the Davis’ other album “Get Excited” – I believe this one on the Mastertone label, recorded by Mark Five Studios and released in 1972 precedes the latter album. Looking over the track list on this one, I am pretty excited because there are some great ones on here. So,... Read More »

The Davis Family – “Get Excited”

The Davis Family – “Get Excited”You know, I’m excited! Why? Because the Davis Family is excited! Why are they excited? I don’t know! But according to the liner notes Beverly Nelson is excited about this album that was recorded in Nashville’s Monument Recording Studio and produced by Veteran Allen Henson, and released on their own label in the 1970’s. Naturally,... Read More »

Rob Costanza – “Jesus is the Answer”

Rob Costanza – “Jesus is the Answer”You know, when I hear the name Costanza I think of Seinfeld. You know, the show about nothing that takes place in NYC. Well, Rev. Rob Costanza is from NYC as well, and he released this album on the Velvet Recordings label, in 1976 – maybe in January? The album opens with “God Gave The Song” and it’s not... Read More »

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