The Davis Family – “Get Excited”

You know, I’m excited! Why? Because the Davis Family is excited! Why are they excited? I don’t know! But according to the liner notes Beverly Nelson is excited about this album that was recorded in Nashville’s Monument Recording Studio and produced by Veteran Allen Henson, and released on their own label in the 1970’s.

Naturally, the album opens with the title track (sort of) “Get All Excited” – and you know I’ve heard the legendary Joyce Drake sing this one, and my good friend Gary Dee Bradford sing it, and this choral version they got going on, I’m not digging it. But they do have some powerful female vocalists on this one, and even though it’s not my usual style of hearing this song, the Davis Family does a great job. Next comes “These Hands of Mine” which are delivered by one of the male vocalists, the spoken word part with the backing female vocalists is a pretty great touch. “I’m Never Go Back Again” comes next, and so far this album is a bit of one that is kind of everywhere for me, the female vocalists are great, the musicianship is alright, but the males baritone vocals I find need more of the female vocal accompaniment, because those ladies sure can sing. “I Believe He Died for Me” comes next, and I want to believe it’s the little red headed fellow singing this one, I don’t know why but I do. He can hit some nice high notes, with the female accompaniment – so that’s pretty great! “Let The Big Horn Blow” ends the A-Side, and it’s the ladies, and it’s not a bad track, the group parts are nice.

The B-Side opens with “Ten Thousand Years” and this is a make or break point for this album, as this is one of my favorite tracks and the literal halfway point on the record – and so far, it’s not the best version of this song I’ve heard but these ladies do have some amazing vocals, and I do applaud their talent. I do like that one vocalist with the deep voice, and that the other that kinda sounds like Linda Cardellini. Or are they the same vocalist? (I think they might be.) “Praise God Anyhow” comes next, and it is a decent track, the ladies continue to deliver some great tracks on this album. I like their harmonizing. “Jesus Understands” comes next, and it’s another slow track, nothing bad, just a bit slow, but with great female vocals. “Relevation I” follows, and it’s another harmonizing track for the ladies but one of the male vocalists join in, and give it a nice sound, but still not really my exact type of Gospel music. But man, can these ladies sure sing. “Joshua” ends the album, and we hit it up with a more fast paced ending to the album, and all in all not a terrible song or album, just not exactly my thing.

Catalog Number:
DF – 1002

Produced by Allen Henson
Engineer – Tommy Strong
Production and Art Direction – Ken Harding
Photography – Thurston Studios

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