The Davis Family – “One More Day…”

So, yesterday I had written about the Davis’ other album “Get Excited” – I believe this one on the Mastertone label, recorded by Mark Five Studios and released in 1972 precedes the latter album. Looking over the track list on this one, I am pretty excited because there are some great ones on here. So, let’s go!

A Song for Every Man to Sing” opens the album, and the guitar playing and female vocals are great, so, we’re off to a good start! It’s not too fast paced, and it’s not too slow, and the harmonizing on this one is also pretty great. Next up is “Redemption Draweth Nigh” and the one lead female vocalist has an amazing voice, whoever she is, I hope she went very far with his music career, because two albums of her and I’m hooked on hearing her. This song is a slow one, but a familiar one I’ve heard before. You know, it’s a good song. “That Day is Almost Here” comes next, and the vocals on this one are great – I really like this album so far! Very nice song. “He Will Provide” comes next, and it’s a slower track, but still sung beautifully. A bit too slow for my liking, but man this lead vocalist is great. The A-Side closes with Gene MacLellan’s “Put Your Hand in the Hand” and honestly, it’s great. The song is just naturally a fantastic one, but vocals from Linette and Robin are just fantastic.

The B-Side opens with the song “One More Day” and it’s a slower one, but with some nice piano playing, so I guess that’s cool! But wait, it picks up, and it’s great! I love it. This album definitely seems to be a lot better than their other one I listened to yesterday. So, the gentleman with the extremely deep baritone Lowell Mason sounding voice is the father, a quick Google search brought this to my attention, and he sings “I’m Gonna Serve the Lord Today” and you know, I’m all for the family affair thing but I’m just not vibing with this one. It’s a nice track, but not exactly what I’m looking for in an album. “I Am to Blame” comes next, and it’s another good song with one of the daughters on lead vocals, and I like those ones. The backing vocals from the family on this one is great too. We go onto Larry Norman’s classic “I Wish We’d All Been Ready” and yes, one of the daughters deliver this one, and this has to be one of my favorite Gospel songs, and my favorite version has always been Becky & Sandy – that is a great one. This one is still a good version, a bit more upbeat than what I’m usually expecting in a song about the end of the world, but hey, it is what it is. The album closes with the song “Jesus, That Man from Galilee” and it’s not bad, it’s done really well and it’s a new song I haven’t heard before.

Catalog Number:
MT – 4707

Executive Producer – Bob Edwards
Engineer – Dave Reddick
Photography and Art Direction – Michael Burnette
Piano – Otis Forrest
Rhythm – Bill Huffman
Lead Guitar – Joe Huffman
Drums – Buster Phillips
Bass – Harold Huffman
Steel – Tommy Dodd

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