Lois Bunch – “On The Road Again”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 Sis. Bunch is one fine, soulful Gospel singer and musician. Anyone who has heard her sing and play the Hammond organ knows what I’m talking about.
 From deep inside a human being comes a feeling that God intends to be released. It is something He put there to share with others. From the heart of Sis. Bunch it is a musical talent that has been released and shared with you through this recording. A lot of times this feeling is hard to capture on tape. However this time with God’s help and the anointing of the Spirit it has been done.
 Your soul will come alive and rejoice when you hear Sis. Bunch sing songs like “Since Jesus Saved Me” written by Bro. Johnny Chambers and also “The Light” as only she can sing them. And I know there is going to be a lot more good singin’ and playin’ all across the country in the future from Sis. Bunch ’cause she’s “ON THE ROAD AGAIN!!!”
 Love in Christ,
 Bill Wilson

Personal Review:
 When I first obtained this record from a friend, I immediately thought of Large Marge from ‘Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure‘ – the title didn’t help. Of course, Lois doesn’t really look like Marge, but nonetheless, it was a thought.

 The album opens with Lois singing the title track, “On the Road Again” and well, Lois sounds quite a lot like Reba, which is great, and this song is just one of my favorite country songs, and she performs it so beautifully, and it’s amazing to hear this song done like this. Lois is really great, and the gospel rendition of this track is fantastic. I love the banjo playing too. After that comes the song “I’ve Come Too Far to Look Back” and it kind of has that country / jazzy funk sound to it, and Lois sings so beautifully on this track, and it’s fantastic! “I’ve Never Been This Homesick Before” comes next, and this country gospel sound that Lois gives out, is quite great, she’s pretty fantastic. The A-Side closes with the 7 minute track “Since Jesus Saved Me” and well, Lois’ voice is truly one of a kind almost, she does that Reba sound, but we clearly know Lois came first, then Reba did. The musicianship on this track is also so great, so that was a great track.

 The B-Side opens with “Heaven When I Die” and it’s another great track, and it opens with some great vocals by Lois, and she’s just absolutely fantastic. ‘Because Texas sure ain’t Heaven, my friend‘ that line is a great one, because so many artists either refer to Texas being the greatest or the worst. She’s fantastic. After that comes the track “The Light” and it’s another good track, a bit slower, but still a pretty good one. We go on to the questionable “Oh Buddah” – questionable in the lyrics, which basically damn every other religion besides Christianity. I’ve always been against this song for it’s questionable lyrics, I don’t know who wrote it, but they clearly were a hardcore Christian. To be fair, Lois does sing it rather well. “Christ the Savior” comes next, and hey, look at that, a title that states the obvious – other than that, the song is rather good. The album closes with the song “In the Garden” it’s a slower song, but it ends on a rather good note. So I’m quite satisfied with this album.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – On the Road Again
A2 – I’ve Come Too Far to Look Back
A3 – I’ve Never Been This Homesick Before
A4 – Since Jesus Saved Me

B1 – Heaven When I Die
B2 – The Light
B3 – Oh Buddah
B4 – Christ the Savior
B5 – In the Garden

Associated Artists Studios

Catalog Number:
AAS – 12189

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Engineers – Ray Owens, Bill Wilson & Carl Warren
Remix Engineers – Billy ‘Fingers’ Alexander & Bill Wilson
Producer – Bill Wilson
Production Manager – Dale McCoy
Equipment – 24 Otari MTR-90
Recording Studio – Associated Recording Studio, Oklahoma City, OK
Lead Vocals – Lois Bunch
Background Vocals – The Dale McCoy Singers
Piano – Johnny Chambers & Lois Bunch
Organ – Johnny Chambers
Percussion – Steve Short & Tim Bunch
Banjo, Harmonica & Korg String Machine – Danny Chambers
Acoustic, Electric, Steel & Bass Guitars – Bill Wilson

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  • Staci Bannister says:

    I saw lois many years ago in a revival and bought a tape where she performed a song named I will not come down to the Devils level. The tape is long gone and I would love another copy.
    do you know how I could get one?

  • Tate says:

    You would have to keep an eye out on ebay or other online shops, also, check second hand stores that are local to the artist, usually a lot of the time they’ll turn up!

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