Richard Patterson – “Richard Patterson Sings ‘I Won’t Need a Wheelchair in Glory’”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
You will find this album a bit different from those we have previously produced at Lakewood Enterprises, and you may find that it sounds, in many ways, like country music. However, let me assure you that it is gospel all the way.
 To RICHARD PATTERSON, gospel music is a way of life. He is completely devoted, both to sing and write gospel songs. Something else you may find different to anything that we have recorded, is the fact RICHARD PATTERSON wrote all the songs, words and music, in this album.
 To me, I believe the real cornerstones to gospel music are sincerity and simplicity. With that thought in mind RICHARD PATTERSON, his wife Vickie and Shirley Copeland are three of a kind. They are some of the most dedicated, sincere people you will ever want to meet. Each believes quite simply that individuals should be themselves and not contrive to be special-phonies who are never natural.
 There are certain qualities that shine through the works of RICHARD PATTERSON: Authenticity, sincerity, simplicity and his love and respect for the Lord he serves; the songs he sings; and the people who’s friendship he cherishes.
 Richard, who was born in Jacksonville, Florida, has written hundreds of songs. Just to name a few; “I Found God in Viet Nam” “Get Behind Me Satan” and “By the Sweet Masters Chair”. Unfortunately, they are not included in this album, but in an earlier one that I hope you have in your collection as I have.
 However, we have included some of Richard’s most requested songs in this new album. Songs that have never before been recorded. Such as: “I Won’t Need a Wheelchair in Glory”, “I Met Jesus in the Aisle”, “He Walked on the Water” and “You Oughta See My Mansion” plus many more beautiful and inspiring songs.
 It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm, that SHEILD RECORDS (a division of Lakewood Enterprises) can add this great singer to our roster of recording artist, and we sincerely hope that you will enjoy RICHARD PATTERSON, and will be richly blessed by hearing this great selection of gospel songs.
 Jake Lambert, Gen. Mgr.
 Lakewood Enterprises

Personal Review:
Let me start by saying that little picture of Richard Patterson on the back cover just proves his voice matches his face. That little southern drawl.
Anyways, the album opens with the track “No Groundwork’s Been Laid for Your Mansion” – which is basically a song about a man going to Heaven and finding out he isn’t being let in, because he’s a sinner. SO. The song is sung well, lots of piano and steel guitar, and I love the backing vocals. The overall theme of the song is kind of, discomforting, since the guy is supposed to be Richard’s brother. Then comes “Well Glory” – which seems to be a faster paced song, lots of steel guitar and piano still. The backing vocals are still pretty solid, and Richard does have that southern voice that I love. “Well Glory, I’m going home. Sweet Jesus won’t leave me all alone!” So, the next song is “I Met Jesus in the Aisle” – I love when Richard hits those high notes, they are pretty neat! The song is pretty cool, especially when everyone sings together. The next track is “The Bum and the Bible” – which I find Richard kind of sounds like Gary Dee Bradford at the beginning of the song. The song is pretty good, it does have a country vibe, but maybe that is the use of so many steel guitars. The A-Side closes with the track “He Walked on the Water” – which is a pretty solid track to end the A-Side with, I’ve got no complaints. The album is pretty good thus far.

The B-Side opens with “You Oughta See My Mansion” – which Richard certainly hits the country vibes with this one, you can hear it in his voice and in the musicians, then Vicki and Shirley chime in with their own solos, and they’re pretty good. This album is definitely one of the great gospel treasures. I do love the line “You oughta see that mansion I own over there!” I feel like that would be something I would shout out and point to a trailer home. Anyways. The next track is “The Rock’s That Satan’s Thrown” – it’s slower, and it’s not bad, very bass-y.Though, I haven’t heard anything about Satan throwing rocks at people yet. Next up “Gospel or Gossip” – which starts with the line “I’m not a perfect man” (I know that feel Brother Richard, I know it.) and well, it’s a short song, quick, but still pretty great! “Make Mine Jesus” follows next, Richard falls back onto the slow songs, with piano, but he hits the high notes and everything is all good! The album ends with the title track of the album, “I Won’t Need a Wheelchair in Glory” – which, ultimately comes off as “A Crippled Girl’s Prayer” (Or boy’s.) it’s a good track though, the piano playing is a little sloppy, but the song is okay!

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – No Groundwork’s Been Laid for Your Mansion
A2 – Well Glory
A3 – I Met Jesus in the Aisle
A4 – The Bum and the Bible
A5 – He Walked on the Water

B1 – You Oughta See My Mansion
B2 – The Rocks That Satan’s Thrown
B3 – Gospel or Gossip
B4 – Make Mine Jesus
B5 – I Won’t Need a Wheelchair in Glory

Shield Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Guitar – Jimmy James
Bass – Steve Jones
Steel Guitar – Johnny Reese
Voices – Vicki & Shirley

Produced – Jake Lambert, Earl White & Richard Patterson
Engineer – Jack Logan
Recorded at National Sound Studio of Nashville, Tenn.

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  • loretta slonaker says:

    I had seen and heard richard patterson and his lovly wife back in maybe 1973 or some where around there and im 50 now and for some reason his namepopped up in my head and so i looked him up and reconized him and his wife cause my mom had one of their albums and they loved it we had went to a sing in vidalia gorgia where we seen in a gospil sing and purchased a record boy what a long time ago.its dvd and cds now well i cant believe they are still around but im thankful that they are well i want to know why i cant listen to his music now days cause i cant find it on internet……y and where it is.can u help me….thank you and god bless

  • Tate says:

    Hello Loretta,
    Richard, a lot like most of the albums I write about on this site, are very hard to find anywhere, which is why I write about them – so they are never forgotten, if when I get my system working properly again and you are interested, I’d be more than willing to make you a digital copy of the album!
    God Bless, Tate.

  • paul padgett says:

    My name is Paul Padgett .I first met Richard Patterson when I was a young boy growing up in Jacksonville Florida in the early seventys. His music has always been a part of growing up there and my father was a pastor there during that time also. Richard would sing at our home church at WEST PARK Baptist church in Jacksonville. I lost track of him through the years but still have I wont need a wheelchair in Heaven record and knew the lady in the picture on the cover sitting on the porch of West Park Baptist church. I would like to know if he is still alive. about five years ago I was told he had changed his name and was recording similar songs from his records back then with some of the words changed around. Does any know any more information on him? sincerly Paul Padgett 912 631

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