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Kathy Clark – “Praise the Lord”

Kathy Clark – “Praise the Lord”The Sleeve:   The Liner/Sleeve Notes: “Praise The Lord!  When you’re up against a struggle that shatters all your dreams; and your hopes have been cruelly crushed by Satan’s manifested scheme; When you feel the urge within you to submit to earthly fears, Don’t let the faith you’re standing in seem to disappear…  Praise the... Read More »

Richard Miller – “The Many Voices of Richard Miller”

Richard Miller – “The Many Voices of Richard Miller”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: “This album consists of the many vocal sounds of Richard Miller, who was born without arms and legs. He is now a graduate of the University of Texas, is an evangelist, travelling over 34 states and two foreign countries carrying the Gospel in song and testimony.  Beginning to sing at... Read More »

Debbie Kroeze – “Debbie”

Debbie Kroeze – “Debbie”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: “Debbie Ketchum has been singing the gospel all her life, having grown up traveling around the world with her parents, Billy and Sandra Kroeze, and her aunt and uncle, Kowanda and Johnny Kroeze.  In 1978 Debbie married Mel Ketchum, who is also a native of the state of Washington.  This... Read More »

Billy Blackwood – “One Way”

Billy Blackwood – “One Way”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: None. Personal Review: Billy Blackwood, Gospel drummer. This is his second solo album, the first being “Billy” – anyways. Here is the review! So, the album opens with the track “He’ll Show You Love” and let me start by saying, Billy could’ve made a pretty successful career as a rock... Read More »

Joe and Bill – “No Time for Religion”

Joe and Bill – “No Time for Religion”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: “A word from the producer….  Rarely does a producer get the opportunity to really have the final word in a recording session. However, JOE BENNETT and BILL BARREL have given me this space to just that and I’m grateful.  I want you to know how much I personally enjoy and... Read More »

The Germs – “Forming / Sex Boy (Live)”

The Germs – “Forming / Sex Boy (Live)”The Sleeve:   The Liner/Sleeve Notes: “First of the hard-core L.A. groups to come up with a single, the Germs have recorded (I think that’s the word) one of the most mind-boggling songs I’ve ever heard. They take monotony to new heights and push the absurdity factor further than almost any other group. The song... Read More »

Wayne & Charlie – “Rapping Dummy”

Wayne & Charlie – “Rapping Dummy”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: None. Personal Review: I like rap music, not a lot of the new rap music, but I do like rap, mainly old school 90’s stuff. This rap, however, goes past that, way past that, back all the way to 1981. This is Wayne Garland & Charlie Chocks hit, “Check it... Read More »

Monty Python – “The Monty Python Instant Record Collection”

Monty Python – “The Monty Python Instant Record Collection”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: “ABOUT THIS RECORDING (Sleeve notes specifically printed for those with poor eyesight.):  This superb performance of three of Petr Ilich Tchaikovsky’s best-loved works, has been specifically recorded, using the latest electronic micro-recording techniques, so as to be totally audible to the hard-of-hearing. The startling new technological break-through which has made... Read More »

David Bowie – “ChangesTwoBowie”

David Bowie – “ChangesTwoBowie”The Sleeve: Liner/Sleeve Notes: None. Personal Review: To start, this is the first record I’ve ever owned! That being said, however, it is not my favorite Bowie album, I like it, but definitely not a top favorite of mine. Anyways. Review time! So, the album opens with the track “Aladdin Sane” from the album of... Read More »

Father Robert White – “The Reverend in Rhythm”

Father Robert White – “The Reverend in Rhythm”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: “This record album introduces you to the very enjoyable vocal talents of a man called Father Robert White. “Father Bob”, as he likes to be called, is no newcomer to the world of music. He has always maintained an avid love of singing and listening to good music. He has... Read More »

Edward Furlong – “Hold On Tight”

Edward Furlong – “Hold On Tight”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes:  The Liner notes are written in Korean. Personal Review:  So, to start off I’m sure we ALL know who Edward Furlong is, if not, here is his list of acting credits. Anyways, back in 1992, somewhere between the film “Pet Semetary II” and “American Heart” Edward Furlong decided to have... Read More »

Merle Fischer – “I Don’t Believe In If Anymore”

Merle Fischer – “I Don’t Believe In If Anymore”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: “A gifted performer with a wealth of experience, Merle Fisher, is a self-taught musician who is just now realizing her full potential. She has more than paid her dues on the club circuit over the years and, with this album, she has emerged to share her songs with the world.... Read More »

The Total Victory Trio – “He Must Have Loved Me”

The Total Victory Trio – “He Must Have Loved Me”The Sleeve: The Sleeve/Liner Notes: “As Chaplain of United Wesleyan College, I commend the “TOTAL VICTORY TRIO” to you. I have heard these dedicated young people minister in song and word and know that the Lord will bless you as you listen. Their’s is a rich ministry, true to the Scriptures and blessed of the... Read More »

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